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April 15, 2017

George Stephenson, Draper – Crowle

        Lincolnshire Chronicle – Friday 22 September 1871 Declared bankrupt in 1871     The London Gazette – 11 June 1872   Nottinghamshire Guardian – Friday 19 April 1878       The London Gazette – 6 February 1883   The London Gazette – 21 December 1883      

October 4, 2016

Quaker Burial Ground

There was a Quaker burial ground just off Brewery Road. Its location is shown on the 1738 manorial plan. It would appear that it dates to 1697 when Thomas Wrestle of Winteringham surrended a plot of land, 20 yards square, to Thomas Wrestle, Junior, of Belton, Joseph Berrier and Robert Coakes for a Quaker burial ground. This had been a piece of common pasture and […]

May 27, 2016

Crowle’s role in the mapping of the United Kingdom

Crowle was one of the triangulation points in the first and second triangulations of Great Britain. ‘Crowle Beacon’ was used in both 1806 and 1842. In the 1806 survey station was described thus “Сrоwle station is situated about half a mile east from the village of Crowle in Lincolnshire It is on a rising ground where once stood a windmill There is now a mill […]

February 1, 2016

Crowle Grange – Concrete apron built by POWs

In front of the house at Crowle Grange there is an inscription dating from the end of the Second World War from when the concrete apron was laid.     The inscription reads; 9.11.45 Italian POW GC PC BG BM Remember The POW camp in Crowle was located on Mill Road, approximately where Wyvern Close is now located. During the war it housed Italian POWs. […]

January 3, 2016

Crowle Commons

  Crowle Commons on the 1738 Manorial Plan The enclosure of the open fields and commons at the beginning of the 19th century brought about a significant change to the map of Crowle and Ealand, The 1738 manorial plan and survey gives a superb insight into the layout of the open fields and commons in the area. Commons Immediately surrounding the open fields and enclosures […]

June 13, 2015

A complete history of the drainage of the Isle of Axholme – and bibliography.

I pulled together my presentation on the complete history of the drainage as I felt there was too much focus on just the Dutch drainage during the 17th century, whereas that was just on part of a continuum from the romans, and possibly earlier, through to the current plans that the Environment agency are developing. I am more than happy to give my talk which […]

December 7, 2014

Friday 11th February 1916 – Spy-Scare Comedy at Crowle

SPY-SCARE COMEDY AT CROWLE CROWD BLUNDER IN DARKNESS AND HUSTLE PARISH COUNCILLOR An amusing story from Crowle, near Doncaster. A well dressed man of somewhat strange manner failing to secure the hire of a taxi-cab a night or two ago struck Mr Charles Hill, the owner of the cab and then rushed through the streets shouting “murder” and threatening to blow out the brains of […]