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October 21, 2017

Old Manuscript Concerning the Drainage – from Epworth Bells

Transcribed from the Epworth Bells 9 & 16 October 1875 We lately fell in with an old Manuscript (written 90 years ago) which gives an account of the celebrated DRAINAGE of the Levels, near Epworth, and also the names of the persons who came over to Sandtoft above 200 years ago with Vermuyden. Having long been in search of a list of those names we […]

June 13, 2015

A complete history of the drainage of the Isle of Axholme – and bibliography.

I pulled together my presentation on the complete history of the drainage as I felt there was too much focus on just the Dutch drainage during the 17th century, whereas that was just on part of a continuum from the romans, and possibly earlier, through to the current plans that the Environment agency are developing. I am more than happy to give my talk which […]

February 3, 2013

11th August 1817. Minutes of evidence taken on view of the Boating Dike by the Jury at Thorne

Transcript by Angus Townley 23/05/10 HCC 6217/5 – One of a number of documents relating to the Boating Dike. 11th August 1817. Minutes of evidence taken on view of the Boating Dike by the Jury. Wm. Pilkington of Thorne, Land Surveyor, one of the commissioners for the Thorne Inclosure on behalf of the¬†Township of Thorne saith that where allotments have been set out to proprietors […]

January 1, 1970

Hatfield Chase Corporation Hatfield Chase Corporation, 1538-1973 (HCC and R/HCC) * History o Origins, 1626-1629 o Unrest in the 17th-18th centuries o Improvements up to 1862 o The Hatfield Chase Corporation, 1862-1941 o History of the authority after 1941 * Records History Origins, 1626-1629 The Hatfield Chase Corporation was an independent drainage authority covering parts of South Yorkshire, North Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. The origins of the Corporation […]

January 1, 1970

The Place and River Names of West Lindsey

Crowle (British) 836 Croglea (Crowle, Worcesters.) : Birch (1) 583 871 Crogdene (now Croydon) : Birch (2) 146 1086 Crul Crule 31 fisheries : D. B., 82, 192-3 1130 Croilanda Abbas de Pipe, 84 1158-9 Croil . Pipe (1884) 65 1190 Crueil, Homines de. Crocil . Pipe (1) 86. 101 1202 Cruilland marisc Croilland . Oblata. 175, 183 1208 Cruil Rad de ‘ Plac., 67 […]