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December 7, 2014

Friday 11th February 1916 – Spy-Scare Comedy at Crowle

SPY-SCARE COMEDY AT CROWLE CROWD BLUNDER IN DARKNESS AND HUSTLE PARISH COUNCILLOR An amusing story from Crowle, near Doncaster. A well dressed man of somewhat strange manner failing to secure the hire of a taxi-cab a night or two ago struck Mr Charles Hill, the owner of the cab and then rushed through the streets shouting “murder” and threatening to blow out the brains of […]

January 1, 1970

Crowle War Memorial Inscriptions

1914-1918 Amery E.J. Allan E. Beadle H. Bellamy W. Bradley J. Brant J.W. Broderick A. Cass T. Clarke W. Cook H. Coop S. Coy C.W. Cranidge J.J. Dale G. Dale R.J. Dale T. Dempster H. Dickman R.C. Drinkall G.A Empson S. Everatt H. Eyre H. Fretwell W. Gibson E. Gilbert C. Goodman C.W. Hague W.P. Hill C. Hill F. Hill W. Hitchcock C.J. Holt A. […]