Category: Folklore

October 28, 2023

The Tiddy Mun

The Tiddy Mun was a legendary bog spirit in Lincolnshire, England, who was believed to have the ability to control the waters and mists of The Fens of South Lincolnshire and The Carrs of North Lincolnshire. He was described as being no bigger than a three-year-old child, but looking like an old man with long, tangled white hair and a matted white beard. He is […]

September 1, 2017

Crowle Folklore

From Household Tales and Other Traditional Remains Collected in the Counties of York, Lincoln, Derby and Nottingham BY SIDNEY OLDALL ADDY, M.A. OXON.,   The Black Stone (p. 57) There is a big stone in a farmyard at Crowle, in Lincolnshire, called ” the black stone.” If this stone be removed the farmer’s cattle will die within a year afterwards. It is said that upon […]