June 13, 2015

A complete history of the drainage of the Isle of Axholme – and bibliography.

By angus
I pulled together my presentation on the complete history of the drainage as I felt there was too much focus on just the Dutch drainage during the 17th century, whereas that was just on part of a continuum from the romans, and possibly earlier, through to the current plans that the Environment agency are developing.
I am more than happy to give my talk which is also illustrated with hard copies of many maps relation to the area to local groups and organisations. Please contact me on angus@townley.com or on my phone 07739 92835 I have also led day trips around the area looking at what can be seen from the different phases of the drainage.
I have uploaded my presentation so that you can see it.;
I also did a brief summary of the history of the drainage for a poster in Crowle Market Place,
I hope this is a useful starting point.
A useful bibliography of the River Don;
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Author: John Tomlinson
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The rivers of Axholme, with a history of the navigable rivers and canals of the district.
Author: George Dunston
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On the trail of the old River Don.
Author:     Philip Ireson
Publisher: Self Published
The historic boundaries of Axholme : being a survey of the isle’s ancient river systems and administrative divisions by Stephen R Garner Publisher: Doncaster : S.R. Garner, 2003
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Thorne Mere and the Old River Don Author: Martin Taylor Publisher: York : William Sessions, 1987.
Various papers;
Author: Alan Rogers
Edition/Format:  Article Article : English
Publication: Midland History, v1 n2 (197101): 25-31
The isle of Axholme before Vermuyden
Author: Joan Thirsk
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Author: Pat Jones
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Author: Pat Jones
Publication: Journal of the Railway and Canal Historical Society 1994 31(5) 248-58
Thorne Boating Dikes and the Stainforth & Keadby Canal revisited 
Author: Pat Jones
Waterway History Research Group Occasional Paper 77
Many of these books can be found at Crowle Library. I have copies of the papers if there are any that particularly catch your eye.