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October 12, 2017

Crowle POW Camp

Crowle POW Camp was classified as a hostel for the main POW camp at Pingley Farm in Brigg. During the war, the camp housed Italian POWs but from 1946 it housed German POWs. October 1946 – 10 PoWs January 1947 – 55 PoWs June 1947 – 4 PoWs September 1947 – Crowle not mentioned in report.  

May 4, 2017

Hannah Capstick’s Wartime Memories

My War Memories. The Forties On The Land Hannah Capstick Chapter One June 1940 My write-up has to begin one night in June 1940. Hull was being bombed the same night, the sky being lit up by heavy bombing. Dad had been taken ill a week before, and we kept vigil round his bedside. Morning came with the sadness of his death. It was ironic, […]

February 1, 2016

Crowle Grange – Concrete apron built by POWs

In front of the house at Crowle Grange there is an inscription dating from the end of the Second World War from when the concrete apron was laid.     The inscription reads; 9.11.45 Italian POW GC PC BG BM Remember The POW camp in Crowle was located on Mill Road, approximately where Wyvern Close is now located. During the war it housed Italian POWs. […]

January 1, 1970

Crowle at War: Part 6. War Weapons Week, Rationing – submitted by Bill Goldthorp

War Weapons Week. The whole of Crowle, Catholics and Protestants, Women’s Institute, Men’s Clubs, Pubs, Political parties, Sports’ clubs all joined together in a special week dedicated to raising money for the war. The Crowle Show and Gymkhana occurred that week together with children’s sports day with fancy dress competitions etc, etc. All sorts of money raising activities were organised which not only raised cash […]

January 1, 1970

Crowle at War: Part 5. Entertainment, Fairs – submitted by Bill Goldthorp

Later in the war as Sandtoft became a training and then an active bomber aerodrome. Bomber crashes would occur in the surrounding area. The local lads were usually the first to reach a crash site if it was any where near Crowle. They were always efficient souvenir hunters. The day after the crash, the police sergeant, both constables and several specials arrived at the school. […]

January 1, 1970

Crowle at War: Part 4. Prisoners of War, School – submitted by Bill Goldthorp

Every body had a bicycle, even my mother. Wicks the Cycle shop sometimes had a new one but many second hand plus numerous spare parts. Inner tubes and tyres could be ordered probably with the area being rural the authorities were more generous with cycle parts than in the towns. Garages, barns, old farm buildings were searched and ancient thirty-year old cycles were resurrected or […]

January 1, 1970

Crowle at War: Part 3. Transport. – submitted by Bill Goldthorp

TRANSPORT. In 1939 very few people from Crowle worked at the steel works. There was no workmen’s bus; you had to have your own transport. My father had the Morris equivalent of The Austin 7. He was allowed a petrol ration to go to work and continue his agency supplying oil and grease to the local farmers. This of course meant he had permission to […]