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December 2, 2014

White’s 1872 Trade Directory for Lincolnshire

White’s 1872 Trade Directory for Lincolnshire. – A link to a scan of this directory can be found on the page here – Crowle. Crowle Township included Eastoft although by this date it had become a separate parish with its own church. Crowle is described as a small thriving market town, 6 miles north of Epworth, 12 south of Goole and 16 North East of […]

September 26, 2014

Starting University, early 1950s. – Bill Goldthorp

Society was still very restricted and we had spent the last five years paying for the 1939 –1945 war, setting up the Welfare State and running newly Nationalised Industries, which without investment would cause trouble in the future. Two recent elections had altered the political landscape but not the country’s problems. The tensions of two great Nuclear Powerblocks loomed over us and problems of empire […]

July 16, 2012

The Withington Water Tower.

My friends in Crowle will remember me as a quiet, well behaved, disciplined young man of Methodist extraction, even a bit of a drip. Which shows the advantage of the anonymity of the big city university. They still cannot understand how I managed to acquire my wife. If you think they would be interested you can post this which I recently did for our Aluni […]

July 16, 2012

Post from Bill Goldthorp

Some years ago I read an annual report of the Crowle Urban District Council which included the report of the Medical Officer of Health Dr. Bertie Alexander. A local GP he would have been part time. I would be interested to know if anyone still possesses any of these old annual reports. Crowle UDC started in 1896 and finished when replaced by Epworth and District […]

October 6, 2011

The first Goldthorps in Crowle.

The first Goldthorps in Crowle.   John Goldthorp married Susannah Crossland at St. Oswald’s Church in Crowle on 17 Nov. 1709. John must have been an incomer, Susannah being baptised on 25 Apr. 1686. The children baptised with their parentage were: – Mary. 12 Oct 1710. Elizabeth. 31 May 1713. Anne. 28 Jan. 1716. Susannah. 19 Jan 1718. Anne. 30 Jan. 1723. John. 17 Nov. […]

January 1, 1970

Crowle Market Place – submitted by Bill Goldthorp

The market square has barely changed in over one and a half centuries. The above sketch, from the mid 1850’s, is taken from Read’s History of the Isle of Axholme published in 1858. Note the gas lamp, the only streetlight in Crowle. Crowle was modern; it had a gas works, which paid good dividends to its investors. The gas works lasted to about 1940 when […]

January 1, 1970

Gervii (Fen Dwellers) – submitted by Bill Goldthorp

I am proud to admit being a 50% Gervi by inheritance and a born and bred Gervi until the age of 18 when I went to University. At this time immigrants into the Isle were rare. It probably accounts for my bizarre sense of humour which is constantly getting me into trouble. So here goes lets get into trouble again. For the benefit of newcomers […]

January 1, 1970

Mill Trod – Submitted by Bill Goldthorp

Submitted by Bill Goldthorpe Mill Road, Crowle, Mill Trod was the name given to Mill Road by the older inhabitants of Crowle when I was a boy, although by then the official name was Mill Road. I feel very sad that many of these old names have been modified. Mill Trod, makes me think of a tired farmer plodding alongside his horse and cart with […]

January 1, 1970

Proud to be a Staniforth. Or The advantage of being an Axholme man.

Hannah Stanniforth aged 33 married John Everatt aged 39 in 1857. According to family tradition,(my mother and aunts) an arranged marriage. I have always felt proud of my 12.5% Everatt genes and totally neglected the 12.5% Stanniforth ones. Looking at John Everatt’s career, the reason is obvious, 1841 age 22, agricultural labourer, 1851 age 32, farmer 6 acres, 1861 age 42, farmer 50 acres, 1881 […]