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January 14, 2012


Windsor is a small hamlet within Crowle, just off Windsor Lane. It is the derivation for the names of Windsor Road, Windsor Crescent and Windsor Lane itself. Before the construction of the houses on Windsor Road it was quite a distinct settlement from Crowle itself.   The small hamlet of Windsor is within the plot of land numbered 219 in the 1822 Enclosures Act Award […]

January 1, 1970

Wharf Road, Crowle, as it was. Bill Goldthorp

Modern Wharf Road, stretches from Godnow Road to Crowle Station. It was not always so, parts once had different names. Crowle Map Old Street Names. When I was a boy, 1933 to 1951, when I went to university. Mill Road was often referred to by the older residents as Mill Trod, to my mind much more picturesque than Mill Road. Fieldside was never referred to […]

January 1, 1970

Mill Trod – Submitted by Bill Goldthorp

Submitted by Bill Goldthorpe Mill Road, Crowle, Mill Trod was the name given to Mill Road by the older inhabitants of Crowle when I was a boy, although by then the official name was Mill Road. I feel very sad that many of these old names have been modified. Mill Trod, makes me think of a tired farmer plodding alongside his horse and cart with […]

January 1, 1970

Crowle High Street

Crowle High Street at its junction with Potts Lane Crowle High Street at its junction with Godnow Road Crowle High Street near Chafors Crowle High Street looking towards Chrch Street High Street looking from Church Street High Street at its junction with Cross Street High Street looking towards junction with Cross Street Windsor Road looking towards Marsh Road