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January 14, 2012


Windsor is a small hamlet within Crowle, just off Windsor Lane. It is the derivation for the names of Windsor Road, Windsor Crescent and Windsor Lane itself. Before the construction of the houses on Windsor Road it was quite a distinct settlement from Crowle itself.   The small hamlet of Windsor is within the plot of land numbered 219 in the 1822 Enclosures Act Award […]

January 1, 1970

Street Names on the 1822 Enclosure Map for Crowle

The 1822 Enclosure map for Crowle has street names marked on the map; Common Townside Road – now known as Windsor Road Bellamy’s Road – this was off Common Townside Road Broad Fleet Road – now known as Godnow Road Broad Fleet – is marked on the short section of the High Street between Fieldside and Potts Lane Back Lane – this is now known […]

January 1, 1970

Godnow Road

According to “The Isle of Axholme – Its place-names and river-names, John K Johnstone, 1886.” Godney Bridge, near Crowle. Godn is a contracted form of the personal name Goodwin, and the suffix ey means and island, sometimes the water which surrounded the island. On old maps the area around Godnow is shown as Godknow – I guess the wild moorland would be an easy place […]