Crowle Council

Crowle Councils and Administration

Before 1894 Crowle like other small towns and villages had a Vestry committee to manage their local affairs. In addition, to parochial activities, such as electing church wardens the Vestry committee, which met in the vestry of the church, also carried out many of the functions we now see performed by local government. Vestry committees…

Mayors of Crowle Town Council – (Crowle & Ealand Town Council)

1974 – 75 A. Hill 1975-76 J.J. McAnaney 1976-77 Miss A. M. Cranidge 1977-78 E. Chapman 1978-79 Ken Sherwood 1979-80 Brian Chafor 1980-81 Brian Hastings 1981-82 A. Byiers (G. Byiers) 1982-83 – Alan Wise (Ann Wise) 1983-84 – Tony Metcalfe (Janet Metcalfe) 1984-85 – Tony Metcalfe (Janet Metcalfe) 1985-86 – Harold Osbourne (Ruby Osbourne) 1986-87 – Mrs A….