March 27, 2015

Bourne Chapel – Primitive Methodist Chapel, Cross Street

By angus

The chapel and schoolroom were opened in 1862 an replaced an earlier chapel, set up in 1830, that had been located on Chapel Street.

Crowle Primitive Methodist Chapel

The chapel was in the following circuits at the dates indicated:
Scotter Primitive Methodist Circuit 1830-1847
[Brigg Primitive Methodist Circuit 1831-1835]
Epworth Primitive Methodist Circuit 1847-1877
Crowle Primitive Methodist Circuit 1877-1932
Crowle Methodist Circuit 1932-1948
Epworth and Crowle Methodist Circuit 1948-1965

Primitive Methodist Chapel, Cross Street

Foundation stone – now incorporated into the North Street Elevation of the Cottages.

The chapel closed in 1965 and it was converted to a car showroom;

KKK Car Showroom on Cross Street

The chapel in August 2005

Planning permission was granted in 2005 to demolish the chapel building. It was subsequently replaced in 2006-7 by a terrace of 4 cottages whose design reflected the shape of the chapel building. The new building incorporated the stone from the centre of the chapel on the North Street elevation and the stone from above the schoolroom in the centre of the building.

The new cottages replacing the original chapel nearing completion – September 2007