January 20, 2013

New Trent Inn, Ealand – Robinson’s Hotel – Ealand House

By Angus Townley

Closed – Currently derelict pending redevelopment for conversion to flats.

New Trent Inn

New Trent Inn

New Trent Hotel

The land on which the pub is built was allotted to Thomas Crane in the enclosures of 1822

Crowle Wharf in the 1822 Enclosure Award Plan showing Thomas Crane’s land.


Crowle Wharf – 1885 Ordnance Survey Map Showing Robinson’s Hotel and the South Yorkshire.


It appears that the house was opened as a beer house around 1863. by James Crane when it was  known as Ealand House. A report in the Hull Packet in 1863 makes reference to a recently opened beer house in connection with a primitive methodist gathering between Crowle Station and Crowle.

Hull Packet – Friday 19 June 1863

George Robinson purchased the property at about the time the New Trent Brewery was being built and the pub became known as Robinson’s Hotel. When purchased by Thomas Dymond, who then owned the Brewery in its entirety in 1892 the pub was renamed to The New Trent Inn – the name it kept until it closed.


1872 James Crane, Crowle Wharf (Register of licenses)
1876 James Crane, Crowle Wharf (Register of licenses)
1877 George Robinson, Crowle Wharf (Register of licenses)
1891 Thomas Dymond, Burntwood Hall, Barnsley (Birk House nr. Barnsley) ’91 (Register of licences)
1903 John Dymond, Burntwood Hall, Barnsley
???? The Barnsley Brewery

Licensees – as listed in the Register of Licences granted in the Western Division Hundred of Manley in the parts of Lindsey in the County of Lincoln [1872 to circa 1940]

Licensed Premises Licensee Date of Transfer
Ealand House James Crane 6 Sep 1872
Robinson’s Hotel John Cuthbertson 2 Mar 1877
Robinson’s Hotel William Ambrose Wressle 21 Dec 1883
New Trent Hotel Elizabeth Harsley Brown 2 Jul 1896
New Trent Hotel John Spencer Hodgson 12 Feb 1920
New Trent Hotel Francis J Howley 15 Nov 1923
New Trent Hotel Susan Howley 5 Nov 1930
New Trent Hotel James McNulty 6 Nov 1930


Trade Directories etc.

1871 James Crane – Beer House Keeper – Ealand House (Census 1871)
1881 John Cuthbertson – Innkeeper – Robinson’s Hotel (1881 Census)
1883 William Ambrose Wressell – Transfer of license 21 December 1883
(Register of licenses)
1885 William Wressell, Robinson Hotel (Kelly’s Directory of Lincolnshire, 1885)
1889 William Ambrose Wressell, Robinson Hotel (Kelly’s Directory of Lincolnshire, 1889)

New Trent Inn Auction Sheffield Daily Telegraph Saturday 03 January 1891

1891 Pub bought by John Dymond, who then owned the New Trent Brewery in its entirety.

Sheffield Independent Friday 09 January 1891 New Trent Inn Sale



1891 William Ambrose Wressle – Innkeeper, New Trent Hotel (1891 Census)
1901 Elizabeth Brown – Innkeeper, New Trent Hotel (1901 Census)
1905 (Kelly’s Directory of Lincolnshire)
1909 (Kelly’s Directory of Lincolnshire)
1911 Elizabeth H Brown – Licensed Victualler (1911 Census)
1913 Elizabeth Harsley Brown (Kelly’s Directory of Lincolnshire)
1919 Elizabeth Harsley Brown (Kelly’s Directory of Lincolnshire)

1910 Tax Assessment Report;
Description: New Trent Hotel
Occupier: Brown, Elizabeth H
Owner: John Dymond (New Trent Brewery)
Particulars: Stabling & c. (Occupied by the Brewery) adjoining and forming part of the New Trent Hotel. Brick & Tile Open Shed, 4 Bays, poor condition. Brick & Slate stable 8 stalls, coach house & loft, fodder room, Garage 3 cars width part used by New Trent Inn. Brick & Tile loft.
Description of Buildings: Tap Room, Smoke Room, Cellar, Penny(?) Bar
6 ?? & Cart Shed  7 Box
Club room over