January 20, 2013

Darby & Joan, High Street

By Angus Townley

Darby and Joan

Closed – A Bungalow called Darby Place is built on this location.

The 1738 Manorial Plan and survey shows a maltkiln almost on the site of the Darby & Joan. This would imply that the site had been used for brewing from at least then. The sales particulars in 1861 specifically mention a brewhouse. However by 1884 when the pub was valued for Auction there is no mention of a brewhouse.


1872 George Storey, Crowle (Register of licences)
???? Thomas Dymond, Burntwood Hall, Barnsley (Register of licences)
???? John (Thomas) Dymond, Burntwood Hall, Barnsley (Register of licences)
1903 John Dymond, Burntwood Hall,Barnsley (Register of licences)
???? The New Trent Brewery Company Ltd, Crowle Wharf (Register of licences)

Licensees – as listed in the Register of Licences granted in the Western Division Hundred of Manley in the parts of Lindsey in the County of Lincoln [1872 to circa 1940]

Licensed Premises Licensee Date of Transfer
Darby & Joan William Duckles 6 Sep 1872
Darby & Joan George Lovitt 18 Apr 1873
Darby & Joan George Storey 14 May 1880
Darby & Joan Reubin Maw 22 Dec 1882
Darby & Joan William Frederick Lovitt 6 May 1886
Darby & Joan George Chafer 25 Aug 1887
Darby & Joan Charles Cundall 5 May 1892
Darby & Joan Joseph Kent 23 Dec 1893
Darby & Joan Louis Jackson 11 Oct 1894
Darby & Joan William Everatt Cranidge 29 Aug 1895
Darby & Joan William Everatt Cranidge 5 Jan 1903
Darby & Joan Fred Clark 10 May 1906
Darby & Joan John Thomas East 8 Nov 1906
Darby & Joan Chas H Bennett 1 Jul 1909
Darby & Joan Anthony Williamson 9 Feb 1911
Darby & Joan David Goodison 4 May 1912
Darby & Joan Ernest Inman Middlebrook 14 May 1914
Darby & Joan Florence Middlebrook 28 Sep 1916
Darby & Joan Francis Vyvyan Amies
Darby & Joan Frederick Hunsley Ford 10 Nov 1927
Darby & Joan Frank Joseph Morgan 7 Jan 1937
Darby & Joan Joseph Jones Douglas Chester 9 Nov 1939


Trade Directories

1828 Elizabeth Isle (Pigot & Co Directory of Lincolnshire, 1828)
1835 Elizabeth Isle (Pigot & Co Directory of Lincolnshire, 1835)
1841 John Vause (Pigot & Co Directory of Lincolnshire, 1841)
1842 John Vause (Whites Directory of Linconshire, 1842)
1849 John Vause (Hagar and Co’s Commercial Directory of the Market Towns of Lincolnshire)
1851 John Vause – Innkeeper (1851 Census)
1856 John Vause, Jun (Crowle Directory, 1856)
1861 John Vause – Victualler (1861 Census)
1861 John Vause, Jun (Post Office Directory of Lincolnshire, 1861)

Very valuable INN PREMISES and GRASS LAND.
To be SOLD or LET (in consequence of the Owner and Occupier being about to leave the neighbourhood), ALL that old-established, well and substantially built, very, commodious, and good accustomed INN or Public-house, known by the sign of the Darby and Joan, with the Garden, spacious Yard, Brewhouse, Stabling, Barn, and Out-buildings thereto adjoining and belonging, situate in the principal thoroughfare and central part of the Town of Crowle, in the county of Lincoln; also all that Close of excellent Grass LAND, near to the said Inn, containing IA. IR. HP. (more or less.)
The above Property is Copyhold of the Manor of Crowle; and the Court Baron and Court Leet of the Right Honourable Earl Manvers are held at the above Inn, which Courts have been held at the said Inn twice in each year (at Mayday and Michaelmas) from time immemorial; the Rent day, also, of the said Earl Manvers, as well as the Odd Fellows’ Club, are held at the said Inn, and which would undoubtedly remain with and be a benefit to the purchaser or tenant. A Weekly Market for the Sale of Pigs is also held in the Yard belonging to the said Inn, which has already and will hereafter much enhance the value of the property. The Inn is now in a good and tenantable state of repair, and the premises being spacious and centrally situate (the Stabling being capable accommodating 25 horses), and the Land being of the best description, presents most advantageous opportunity to Brewers, Spirit Merchants, and others for investment
There is sufficient room on the premises the errection of a large Brewery, which is greatly required the neighbourhood of Crowle.
For price and further particulars apply to Mr John Vause, junior, the owner, Crowle on any day in Thorne or on a Monday at Crowle, on on a Saturday in Scot-lane, Doncasterm at the Offices of
Messrs BECKITT and PHILLIPS, Solicitors
Thorne, November 26, 1861

1868 Frederick Auty (& Auctioneer)(Post Office Directory of Lincolnshire, 1868)
1871 William Duckles – Public House or Inn (1871 Census)
1872 William Duckles (White’s History, Gazetteer & Directory of Lincolnshire, 1872)
1881 Susannah Chafor (1881 Census)
1885 Ruben Maw (Kelly’s Directory of Lincolnshire, 1885)
1889 George Chafer (Kelly’s Directory of Lincolnshire, 1889)
1891 George Chafer – Licensed Innkeeper (1891 Census)
1896 W.E. Cranidge ( Kelly’s Directory of Lincolnshire)
1901 William E Cranidge – Innkeeper (1901 Census)
1905 W.E. Cranidge (Kelly’s Directory of Lincolnshire)
1906 John Thomas East, Darby and Joan, Crowle, was fined 10/- and costs 4/6 for selling brandy adulterated to the extent of 6 degrees below the limit on November 22nd. Mr Cundall also appeared in this case, and explained that the defendant had only been in this business a few weeks, and had unfortunately sold the brandy received from his predecessor. (Epworth Bells Jan 5th 1907)
1909 John Thomas East (Kelly’s Directory of Lincolnshire)
1913 David Goodinson (Kelly’s Directory of Lincolnshire)
1919 (Kelly’s Directory of Lincolnshire)
1966 Booth (Avril Turner Project)

1910 Tax Assessment Report;
Occupier: Chas. Bennett – now E A Middlemark
Owner: John Dymond (New Trent Brewery)
Particulars: Commercial house in centre of Crowle. House in good repair
Description of Buildings:
Ground Floor – Commercial room, Tap Room, Smoke Room, Kitchen, Private Room, Cellars,
First Floor – Court Room, Store Room, 8 Bedrooms, Billiard Room
Second Floor – Attic
Outside – Store place, 3 Stables, 2 barns, Pig Pens, Garage, Cart Shed

The pub was used for auctions and Manorial Courts.