Family History

Proud to be a Staniforth. Or The advantage of being an Axholme man.

Hannah Stanniforth aged 33 married John Everatt aged 39 in 1857. According to family tradition,(my mother and aunts) an arranged marriage. I have always felt proud of my 12.5% Everatt genes and totally neglected the 12.5% Stanniforth ones. Looking at John Everatt’s career, the reason is obvious, 1841 age 22, agricultural labourer, 1851 age 32,…

The Robinson Family and Tetley Hall

The Robinsons The earliest record of the Robinsons is in the Census of 1841 when John Robinson, a coal merchant born in Epworth in about 1776, was living with his wife Elizabeth (born in about 1780) at Crowle Wharf. The household also included John’s son George born in Hatfield in about 1810 and his wife,…

Early Goldthorpe spellings in the Kirkburton Registers.

Early Goldthorpe spellings in the Kirkburton Registers. Originally the parish of the kirk (church) at Burton 1540 to January 15th 1654. Parish clerks were only partly literate, word spellings not finalised and they often just wrote down what they heard. In fact a surname can be spelt two different ways in the same sentence….