March 13, 1695

Goldthorp Genealogy: The engagement of John Goldthorp and Elizabeth Saville. 1455 or 1456.

By Bill Goldthorp

It is suprising what you can find with this family history lark.

My engagement was not as complicated as this and there is no way Major (he was in the Pay Corps) Hubert Leslie de Courcey ( he added that bit himself to sound posh) Grylls would have coughed up 26 marks when I married Margaret.

He would have cheerfully sold her to me given the chance. In actual fact he refused to attend our wedding unless we gave him the money we had saved for the reception so that he could appear to pay for it.

Then buggared off with money leaving us having to borrow it from one of Margaret’s aunts. In other words paying twice.

This writying indentyd between Thomas Goldthorpe de Schepelay on the one part and Thomas Sayvell of Hallenhedge on the other part etc.. John son and heir of Thom. Goldthorp to marry Eliz. dau. of Thos. Sayvell before the feast of St. James ( July 25th) Thos. Goldthorpe shall make to Thos. Wilkinson, Vicar of the Kirk of Halifax: Richard Chaump, vicar of the Kirk of Burton: and Elys of Byrton Sqeuier; a sate of a tenement in Shepley called the Riding in the tenure of Richard Bothe and yearly rent of 4 shillings of a tenement called Catheland in Shepley etc. Saville to pay Mr. Thomas Goldthorpe on the day of the spousals 26 marks and in a year 20 marks.

Witnesses. Ayme Burdett, Sqeuier; Richard beaumont; Richard Storitz (Storthe); John Clayton and others.

I do not have the date, but Thomas Goldthorpe payed up for Elizabeth. Thomas Goldthorp grants to Thomas Wilkynson, Vicar of Halifax; Richard Chaumpe, Vicar of the Church at Byrton: and Elyas Byrton esq. a tenement in Shepley called the Riding now in the tenure of Richard Bothe and an annual rental of 4 s. from a tenement called cathelandin tenure of William Caldwell. Witnesses. Aymwe Burdett, Sqeuier: Richard Nemomd, Richard Storie: John Clayton and others. Shepley 12 April 34 H 6. The last sentence means the document was made at Shepley on 12th April in the 34th year of the reign on Henry 6th. 1456.

Do not blame me for the varied spelling I have copied verbatim. Bothe is the original version of Booth. Burton with its Kirk (church) is now Kirkburton.