January 1, 1970

Peat Working

By Angus Townley

British Peat Moss Litter Company

This Company was formed in 1896, an amalgam of the Hatfield Chase Peat Moss Litter Company and four others, to extract and process peat on the Hatfield and Thorne Moors. The Company had works at Moorends, Medge Hall, Hatfield Moors, Crowle Moors, Swinefleet and Macclesfield.

Bog bodies.
The Celts, prior to the Romans were known to execute or sacrifice people at certain places in the bogs throughout Northern Europe and Britain. A recent example is Pete Moss, who was found at Chat Moss in Cheshire. His body and face has been reconstructed. I was told as a boy that preserved bodes have been found in the peat working on Thorne moors and the fact has been recorded in ancient books. Has anyone more detailed information about this. There is a book “Bog Bodies” on this subject but it does not include Thorne moors.
Bill Goldthorp