February 23, 2019

Aegir – Saturday 23rd February 2019

By angus

The Aegir was almost exactly on schedule. At lower reaches I did not think it looked particularly good but once it got towards Owston Ferry it was looking quite strong. The grey light meant that it did not appear as good as t could.

07:55 Trent Aegir at M180 Bridge

At the M180 bridge the Aegir appeared to be lopsided passing through the Eastern side first and then following through on the western side.

08:19 Kelfield Drain Head
08\;29 \Trent Aegir near Lady Croft farm

08:26 Trent Aegir at Owston Ferry Pumping Station
08:37 Trent Aegir – between Gunthope and Heckdyke
08:44 Trent Aegir at Stockwith Turn