February 21, 2019

Aegir – Thursday 21st February 2019 – Morning

By angus

05:56 Keadby Bridge. No discernible bore – just a change in direction of flow.

06:09 Aegir visible at M180 bridge but too dark for photo or video

06:32 Trent Aegir at Kelfield Drain Head
06:51 Trent Aegir at Heckdyke

06:39 Aegir just missed by Craig at Owston Ferry

06:38 Trent Aegir at Owston Ferry Pumping Station
06:56 Trent Aegir at Stockwith Turn
07:17 Trent Aegir at Gainsborough

The Aegir was about 25 minutes ahead of prediction at Gainsborough and 21 minutes ahead of prediction at Owston Ferry