Crowle school 1949

From Ivan Watson

Crowle school 1949

Teacher.Mr Massey

I can only remember a few names.
Top row left. Ivan Watson (me). Ealand. 6th Wendy Cowling Ealand ..11th Donald Ball. Crowle.
Middle row left. Marrion Seaton Crowle. 2nd Norman Cole Luddington ?

Bottom row 10th from left Jeff Taylor ? Crowle. 11th Edward Tune Crowle.
Front Walter Staniforth ? Crowle.

Half the class was brought in by bus from Keadby,Amcotts,Garthorpe, Luddington, Eastoft.
The rest from Ealand,Crowle.

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  1. Roy Parkin
    Roy Parkin at · · Reply

    I was born in Crowle 1940 and attended Crowle County School, Fieldside Crowle from 1945 to 1955 some of the teachers names Harry Rodgers was Headmaster,, there were two Mr Ellis, Miss Woodhead, Mr Carter, Mr Masden, Miss Willey, Mrs Halgarth Mr Gillett, The Good Old Days

  2. Ivan Watson
    Ivan Watson at · · Reply

    As I remember Harry Rodgers (Trigger ) named after Roy Rodgers horse trigger, in the cowboy films.
    Mr Ellis ( tall and slim) was deputy head and garden teacher.
    Mr Carter was history. Mr Marsden was geography. Mr Gillett was maths.

  3. Ivan Watson
    Ivan Watson at · · Reply

    Sorry I remember now, Mr Marsden was not geography , he was the woodwork teacher
    and boy was he strict if any boy was unlucky enough to get the cane from him he would
    make sure he behaved in future. Mr Marsden really was vicious with the cane, and would surely be locked up nowadays for that punishment.

  4. at · · Reply

    Spot on Ivan,, the other Mr Ellis was sports and Miss Woodhead was music and art Mrs Hollgarth was R.I Mr Ellis as above married miss Woodhead

    I can remember in 1976 when i was a bus driver for lincolnshire road car i was on the Grimsby to Lincoln service route and Mr Ellis ( garden teacher) got on the bus at Tealby (were he lived) I ask him if he remembered me and he replied HO YES PARKIN I REMEMBER YOU WERE THE ONE HOED ALL THE CARROTS UP INSTEAD OF THE WEEDS that made my day

  5. Paul Walker
    Paul Walker at · · Reply

    Marion Seaton was my mum she would of been 12 then in here 20s she met my dad and moved to Keadby and lived the rest of her life there helping as many people as she could sadly she passed away in 2014

  6. Andrew Henderson
    Andrew Henderson at · · Reply

    Second from the left in the middle row is Hubert Cole (not Norman Cole). I know Norman, and he enjoyed looked at the picture with me yesterday evening, confirming a lot of what’s been said already.

    Norman was brought up in Amcotts and went to the school a couple of years after the picture was taken. Hubert Cole was indeed from Luddington.

    Norman says that the taller Mr Ellis was the English teacher, while the shorter was the garden teacher. The taller one (Alan Ellis, who has now died) married Miss Woodhead, the music teacher. She was still alive a few years back but Norman has not heard anything recently.

    Norman confirmed that Mr Marsden was “vicious” and recalls being hit on the backside, not with a cane but with a substantial piece of timber, presumably obtained from his woodwork classes! Miss Willey was responsible for domestic science. Norman also remembers a Mr Reed, who was sports teacher.

    (I should add that I know nothing about the school as I was brought up 200 miles away. I’m posting this as Norman doesn’t do online stuff. Norman is a retired postman, who used to do the round including Luddington & Garthorpe, and is still a keen cyclist who comes out this way occasionally.)

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