April 16, 2012

Pre-enclosure Close Names

By Angus Townley

The 1738 Manorial Plan and survey includes a list of all the closes and who owned them. Many of the closes have interesting names.

Although the formal enclosure of the commons and open fields did not take place until the early 19th century there were a large number on enclosed fields.
The enclosure plan refers to these as the Ancient Enclosures.
The 1738 manorial plan and survey shows these enclosures. Many of the enclosure outlines still exist in modern field boundaries.
Almost all of the individual enclosures were named in the 1738 survey. The following are some of the names given to the main groups of closes.
Close – An enclosed field.
Carr – marshy woodland or scrubland [from Old Norse]
Croft – A small enclosed field or pasture near a house.
Demesne – land which was for the personal use of the lord of the manor.
Garth – A yard, garden, or paddock. [Middle English, enclosed yard , from Old Norse grader ;]
Inge – meadow(s), especially water meadow near a river

I have summarised the close names below.


Wood Lane Closes Shaw Close
The upper wood Lane Close
Middle Wood lane Close
Lower Wood Lane Close
The Hopp Garth at Wood Lane End
Tetley Closes Tetley Close next Town end Green
The Great Close on the North West side Tetley House
Tetley Close
Woods Closes The Town end Green Close
Case Wood Close
The wood close adjoining to the Green Drove by Tetley Closes
The Wood Close near Spen Lane
The Great Beggar Tree Close
The Beggar Tree Close
Curley Closes a Close
Bonny Hale Closes The Close at Bonny Hale nook
Home Close
The Bonney Hale Close
Calf Close
Well Close
Bonney Hale Close
North Close
Sikes Close
Style Hill Close
Randalls Croft
The Close called South Row
The plantation at Eland called Cliff Croft
The Close adjoining to Cliff Croft
Low Close
Home Close
Seath Close
Wood Lane Close
Kiln Close
Another Close called Eller Garth
Long Close called Eller Garth
The Close called Broad Close
Broad Close
The Bucar Closes Broad Close
Great Bucar Close
The middle Bucar Close
North Bucar Close
South Bucar Close
The Close called Butter Jack
The Great Eller Croft
The Low Eller Croft
The High Eller Croft
The Townend Green Close
The Closes adjoining to the Town end Green
Town end Close
Vicar mear Close
Cockers Close
Will Close
Old Swallow Hurn Close
Little Swallow Hurn Close
New Swallow Hurn Close
The farther Corn Close
The Sally well Close
The Sewer Close
Thakes Close
The Scuttuck
Notoft Close
The Style Hill Close
The Carr side Close
Carr Close
The Great Car Close
The Green Bank Close
The Sewer Close
Thakes Lane Close
Dene Hill Close
Ringlands Close
Forsters Close
Field Hail Closes The Great field hale Close
The little Corn Close at Field hail
The Holts under the Hale Close
The Carr Lane Close
The Close at Low Field
Peek Close
Grime Butts Close
The Close at the end of Red Car Lane
Reed Carr Lounsdale Close
a Parcel in Reed Carr
a Close in Reed Carr
Mardike Closes Mardike the Road goes down it to Leam and is included in this measurement
The Mardike Close
Hogg Headland Close
Clerks Close
Clarks Close
The Close by Baileys Row
Flgget Bridge Close
The Ings Closes The Ings Close
The Six Acres Close under the Ings
The Great Ings Close
The three Square Ings Close
In the Open Ings
The Ings Closes The Ings Close
Hallsdale Close
Berrier Close
Seating Close
The Dunside Close
Close near Crooked Acre
The Ings Close called High Willows
The Close called Pull In
High Willow Close
The pond Close adjoining to High Willow Close
Curfue Tree Gap Close
New Close
The three Square Ings Close
The Sand Causeway Close
The Sand Causway End Close
The Close called Scarse Garth
Bull Bush Closes Bull Bush Close
The Tacks Closes The Close called the Tacks
Rainsbutt Closes Seventeen Acres
Farr Low White Wath
New Low White Wath
Fourteen Acres
House Homestead and Close
Low Bell Hill
Low Close
Little Three Acres
Smiths Close
Acam Carr a close called Fish Ponds
Great Pinder Close
Wast Close
The New Bank a road to the Common
The Fishing Grounds The Great Fishing Ground Close
The Great Close
Crooked Close
House Close
The Corner Close
The Hazell Closes The Close called Horse Croft
Hazell Close
The Close called the Clay Pitts
The Quakers Burying Place by the Clay Pitts
The Paddock
Clay Pit Close
The Lower Lease Close
The Upper Lease Close
Leys Closes The lower Leys Close
The middle Leys Close
The South Lease Close
Low Croft
The Little Tack
A Little field called Havery Croft in the Haverry Croft
Long Close
The North Tacks Close