July 16, 2012

Post from Bill Goldthorp

By Angus Townley
Some years ago I read an annual report of the Crowle Urban District Council which included the report of the Medical Officer of Health Dr. Bertie Alexander. A local GP he would have been part time. I would be interested to know if anyone still possesses any of these old annual reports. Crowle UDC started in 1896 and finished when replaced by Epworth and District Rural Council (or something similar.)
The minutes of the meetings of the Crowle UDC which will include the M. of H.’s reports are included in those of Crowle Parish Council, which I have traced via east Riding Archives to the North east Lincolnshire Archives at Grimsby. Unfortunately the Archivist has resigned and there is no gaurantee he will be replaced in view of cuts impending in Council spending. Until the archivist has sorted out, recorded and classified the records they will not be available, if ever in the current climate.
I wanted to discover the names of the M.of H.s and compare their reports of births, deaths, causes, infectious diseases etc with National Statistics at this time 1896 to about 1940. I anticipate that Crowle and District will be healthier than the average for UK at that time.
I have access to the M of H reports for Epworth and District 1948 to 1973, but do not want to investigate them until I have investigated the first group because from the time of the second World War major regional differences in illnesses have almost gone.
Any help with accepted with Gratitude
Bill Goldthorp