April 9, 2012

An Account of the Stints of Croul Commons

By Angus Townley

Fromw the survey of Crowle Manor 1738 – Lincoln Archives CM 8/12

An Account of the Stints of Croul Commons

The Yorkshire Common, North End Common, Marsh Common, Nuthill Common, are those which are called the Cow Commons or Stinted Commons and are stocked by the several persons that inhabit the Common Right Houses, which are Explained in the forgoing survey. Notwithstanding many of the Copyhold Tennants have several messuages or Cottages, that each of them have a Right of Common thereto belonging, yet by custom they can stock for no other than the House which he or she lives in only, tho their several undertenants which inhabited those houses, have a Right to Stock, the said Commons according to the stint underwritten.

Note also, that there are some Toftsteads in this Manor that have a right of Common thereto belonging, but no right to Stock or Feed any Cattle on the above mentioned Commons in right of the said Toftsteads, unless a House be Builded thereon and Inhabited.

The Stints as Follows:-

Each messuage or cottage that hath Common Right, to stock and feed on the said stinted commons, from the first day of May till Michaelmas, Five Cows, and four Yearling Calves, Six Horses or mares, and three yearling Colts, and from Michaelmas till Lady Day, the said Commons are Commons at large, and are stocked with sheep or other catell without stint, and then laid up till Lady Day aforesaid.

The Small Tenements or Cottages on the wast are indulged with the feeding of two cows to each house, if they can buy them but are not allowed to take in any joists nor is any of the others to feed any other catell than their own. No one is allowed to let his right of common to another.

Eland common and the moors, are not stinted but are commons at Large.