Dissenters Certificates for Crowle in Lincolnshire Archives


Crowle Nov 10 1717

We whose names are hereunder inscribed set apart a granary belonging to Mr Richard Anderson (situated in the back street at the Northern end of the Town of Crowle in the Isle of Haxey for the purposes of public worship for the use of His Majesty’s protestant dissenting subjects commonly called independents do request the same building may be used for the above mentioned purpose, according to an act of Parliament granted in the reign of the late King William and Queen Mary of Blefield Memory


Joseph Potton
John Mitchel
William Adam
William Holmes
Jonathan Fell
Thomas Cook


DISS 1/1769/1

“House of Thomas Cook”



John Clark
Ann Clark
Francis Wilson
Elizabeth Wilson
John Nelson
Mary Harrisn
Thomas Cook

DISS 1/1769/5

“House of William Stanniforth situate in Ealand”


Dated  7 Dec 1769


William Stanniforth
George Easton
John Easton
William Holmes
Thomas Cook
Susannah Easton


DISS 1/1769/6

“House of Edward Easton situate in Crowle”


Dated: 7 Dec 1769


Isaac Brown, Minister
William Holmes
Mary Holmes
Richard Arrand
Margaret Arrand
Thomas Mitchell
John Marshall
Edward Easton

DISS 1/1774/8

“House of John Clark situate in Crowle”

“commonly called Methodists”

George Easton
Cornelius Laycock
Edward Easton
Elizabeth Easton
William Holmes
Mary Holmes
William Thomas, Preacher


DISS 1/1780/1


“to make use of a chapel now building at Crowle”

26 August 1778

Joseph Sowton
John Mitchel
Joseph Seaton
Thomas cook
Jonathan Fell
George Seaton
William Holmes


DISS 2/1786/30 

“the house of Corney (Corrected to Cornelius) Laycocks in Crowle”

Cornelius Laycock
Joseph Meggott
William Stainforth
John Sayles
Joseph Dionvery?
George Wells
George wells son of George wells
John Fell

DISS 2/1796/3

“Chapel or Preaching House, lately built and erected near the Townside in Crowle Field.”

”Commonly called Methodists”

17 September 1796

William Scotchburn
George Winteringham
Thomas Sarginson
Edwin Winteringham
George Rusling
John Clark
William Wells



William Scarborough of Crowle

“a Chapel in my possession”

25 Dec 1821



Wesleyan Methodist Chapel at Crowle


Robert Foster, Line Agent.

Witness: Joseph Angus – officer of ?


Dated 25 January 1827







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  1. Richard Easton
    Richard Easton at · · Reply

    George Easton in the dissenters certificate of 1769 is my fourth great grandfather. Came to America in November of 1817 with brother Edward and sister Elizabeth Easton to Maysville, Kentucky. Do you know if John and Susanna are the parents of George, Edward, and Elizabeth Easton?

    1. Bill Goldthorp
      Bill Goldthorp at · · Reply

      Everyone in the 17th and 19th centuries, were supposed to be baptised, married and buried by the Anglican Church despite what branch of Dissenters they belonged to.
      These are recorded in parish records.
      Contact the Isle of Axholme Family History Society, who have booklets for baptisms, burials and marriages on all Parishes in th Isle going back to 1600 or earlier. If you knew the parish (Town or village) they lived in it would narrow your search down.
      Early baptism records usually just give the father’s name, rarely the mother’s.
      Illegitimate baptisms give the mother’s name and often the father’s. If known it was mandatory for the mother to name the father at baptism. This was to prevent the child becoming dependent on the church poor law rates. Any money paid to the mother for the support of the child was recovered from the father.

  2. angus
    angus at · · Reply

    You can find the Crowle Parish Church registers on-line at the Lincolnshire Archives website. It takes a knack to quickly navigate through the pages but I think you will find George Easton’s baptism in the following

    CROWLE PAR/1/5
    Baptisms 1744/5-1805.
    Marriages 1744/5-1754.
    Burials 1744/5-1805.

    Date: 1745-1805


    If you know the date of baptism I can pinpoint the exact page.

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