January 1, 1970

Listed Buildings in Crowle

By Angus Townley

The following buildings in Crowle are listed as being of historic or architectural merit;

St Oswald’s Parish Church
Churchyard Cross
Double Rivers Bridge
Double Rivers Bridge over Hatfield Waste Drain
Syphon carrying Hatfield Waste Drain below North Level Engine Drain
No 1 Church Street
1-3 Cross Street
5 Cross Street
7-9 Cross Street
84 High Street
White Hart Inn
1-11 High Street – including 2 Cross Street.
47 High Street
Cross Keys Inn
1-3 Market Place
6 Woodlands Avenue
12 North Street

The national monuments record (NMR) is maintained by English Heritage. As a result of substantial lottery funding they are making descriptions and images of these items available on the internet at www.imagesofengland.org.uk.

on this site you can find photographs and the full citation for each of these items.