Listed Buildings in Crowle

The following buildings in Crowle are listed as being of historic or architectural merit;

St Oswald’s Parish Church
Churchyard Cross
Double Rivers Bridge
Double Rivers Bridge over Hatfield Waste Drain
Syphon carrying Hatfield Waste Drain below North Level Engine Drain
No 1 Church Street
1-3 Cross Street
5 Cross Street
7-9 Cross Street
84 High Street
White Hart Inn
1-11 High Street – including 2 Cross Street.
47 High Street
Cross Keys Inn
1-3 Market Place
6 Woodlands Avenue
12 North Street

The national monuments record (NMR) is maintained by English Heritage. As a result of substantial lottery funding they are making descriptions and images of these items available on the internet at

on this site you can find photographs and the full citation for each of these items.

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  1. Susan Couch
    Susan Couch at · · Reply

    Why is 1 Cross Street not mentioned as a listed building

    1. angus
      angus at · · Reply

      Hi Susan,
      I note that 3 and 5 are not included also. I’ll amend the page. Thanks for pointing that out.

    SUSAN COUCH at · · Reply

    Thank you

    Do you have any information regarding 1 Cross street. I have tried for many years to obtain any photographs with no success.
    Our deeds on the property do give us some interesting reading from the turn of the 1800`s.

    1. angus
      angus at · · Reply

      Hi Susan,

      The photos I have of 1 Cross Street are;

      I have copies of the wine/beer licenses for Crowle and I can look up these details – just need to make sure I am looking at the right premises.

      I would love to be able to see your deeds as they always contain a lot of interesting information and can help to pull together a fairly complete house history.

      This image shows the detail from the 1738 Manorial Plan of Crowle (North is to the left) It is then possible to match the number up with the Terrier and see who owned the property. Unfortunately, the number for 1 Cross street is not too clear. I think it is 135 – if it is the property it is described as a Messuage House & Homestead and was owned by Mrs Kirk.


    SUSAN COUCH at · · Reply

    Thank you for the photographs
    I am thinking of joining the heritage society, if so I will bring along all our paper work on 1 Cross St

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