Trent Aegir – Sunday 19th May 2019 – Morning

The prospects for a good Aegir were very poor – I had only predicted it as 2*. Not visible below Ewsters but quite good from Kelfield.

06:07 The Aegir was only visible as a nearly imperceptible ripple at the M180 bridge.

Trent Aegir - Sunday May 19th 2019 06:07

06:16 Nothing to be seen Just South of West Butterwick – only a change in river flow.

06:35 – Trent Aegir – Kelfield Drain Pumping Station. The Aegir was quite visible and could be heard well before it emerged from the early morning mist.


06:41 – Trent Aegir – Owston ferry Pumping Station – bowling along quite strongly.

Trent Aegir - Owston Ferry Pumping Station 06:41 19/05/19

06:45 – Trent Aegir – Just south of Owston Ferry. Appearance much reduced.


06:54 – Trent Aegir – Just south of Gunthorpe. The Aegir bowling along strongly and looking good.

Trent Aegir - Just South of Gunthorpe : 06:54 19/05/2019

07:02 – Trent Aegir – Stockwith Turn


07:23 – Trent Aegir – Gainsborough – Still bowling along quite strongly.


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