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  1. Bryan Scutt
    Bryan Scutt at · · Reply

    Thank you very much for this Angus .

  2. Simon Judge
    Simon Judge at · · Reply

    Thank you, very interesting, I will be boating along here this year!

    Is there an obvious reason why there are none predicted in June, July or September ??

  3. Simon Judge
    Simon Judge at · · Reply

    Thanks – very helpful. I have seen a video of a narrowboat like mine moored on Gainsborough pontoon. I don’t want to try that myself …

  4. Sarah
    Sarah at · · Reply

    Thanks so much for working this out. We have really missed the Environment Agency packing it in! Well done.

    SHAUN PYCROFT at · · Reply

    It was around 6.45 am this morning, tuesday 22nd at the large bend at morton if that helps? was big

    SHAUN PYCROFT at · · Reply

    Hi Angus, today at morton it came through at 7.30 am not 6.29am. Wednesday 23rd 2019 if that helps you re-asses timings?

    SHAUN PYCROFT at · · Reply

    Great stuff, ill keep an eye on the evening times again at morton, they were a little closer to your original predictions. Thanks for putting this on here

  8. Amanda Holding
    Amanda Holding at · · Reply

    Thanks for doing this. When the Environment Agency stopped doing it they sent me a link to the Admiralty EasyTide website which was gobbledegook to me.


  9. David Gray
    David Gray at · · Reply

    A really interesting project, I think you have got a job for life!


  10. River Trent Aegir – Chesterfield Canal Trust

    […] The Environment Agency used to publish Aegir timetables, but have not done so for several years, however the Crowle Community Forum publishes predictions, click here. […]

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