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  1. Bryan Scutt
    Bryan Scutt at · · Reply

    Thank you very much for this Angus .

  2. Simon Judge
    Simon Judge at · · Reply

    Thank you, very interesting, I will be boating along here this year!

    Is there an obvious reason why there are none predicted in June, July or September ??

  3. Simon Judge
    Simon Judge at · · Reply

    Thanks – very helpful. I have seen a video of a narrowboat like mine moored on Gainsborough pontoon. I don’t want to try that myself …

  4. Sarah
    Sarah at · · Reply

    Thanks so much for working this out. We have really missed the Environment Agency packing it in! Well done.

    SHAUN PYCROFT at · · Reply

    It was around 6.45 am this morning, tuesday 22nd at the large bend at morton if that helps? was big

    SHAUN PYCROFT at · · Reply

    Hi Angus, today at morton it came through at 7.30 am not 6.29am. Wednesday 23rd 2019 if that helps you re-asses timings?

    SHAUN PYCROFT at · · Reply

    Great stuff, ill keep an eye on the evening times again at morton, they were a little closer to your original predictions. Thanks for putting this on here

  8. Amanda Holding
    Amanda Holding at · · Reply

    Thanks for doing this. When the Environment Agency stopped doing it they sent me a link to the Admiralty EasyTide website which was gobbledegook to me.


  9. David Gray
    David Gray at · · Reply

    A really interesting project, I think you have got a job for life!


  10. River Trent Aegir – Chesterfield Canal Trust

    […] The Environment Agency used to publish Aegir timetables, but have not done so for several years, however the Crowle Community Forum publishes predictions, click here. […]

  11. David Hodges
    David Hodges at · · Reply

    I have read with interest all the comments re the Aigir and or Bore on the Trent and congratulate everyone for keeping the subject alive and kicking.
    I have found reading these posts very interesting and they have awakened some good memories of time past. I was born in Keadby before the war and recall being escorted to the riverbank at tide times to see how big the Aigir was going to be. This seemed to be a popular event and one could see many families participating in this along the riverside. In those days there were indeed some quite high waves formed with an accompanying rushing sound of water. After spending a number of years as an officer in the MN I eventually found myself in charge of running river wharves in different parts of the country which included Gunness Wharf and Flixborough on the Trent. The Aigir again became a part of my life in as much that we were involved in river flood defences which included strengthening banks and lifting the height of the river banks. These all contributed to the effect of the Aigir by reducing its surge. During my working life on the river especially at Gunness we experienced a number of incidents where ships moored at Gunness were stripped of their moorings and on a couple of occasions drifted into the nearby Keadby bridge structure. These incidents were caused by a large Aigir surge and despite vessels using extra moorings to counter these expected incidents the strength of the Aigir overcame the moorings. It was in those days our responsibility together with the ships Master to calculate when such events were likely to take place by using local tide tables and tidal predictions issued from Hull Albert Dock

  12. Andrew Whiteley
    Andrew Whiteley at · · Reply

    Thanks for the information been missing watching since environment agency stopped listing times

  13. Simon
    Simon at · · Reply

    Thank you for calculating the times, we went over today. Spectacular and accurate prediction to the minute.

  14. Mike Hird
    Mike Hird at · · Reply

    Does anyone ride the bore as they do the Severn? If not why not?

  15. Lawrence Gray
    Lawrence Gray at · · Reply

    I saw the Aegir/(eagre) passing Burton Stather this afternoon at 17:20 not very big.

  16. Ian Thompson
    Ian Thompson at · · Reply

    I saw the Aegir about 7.15 am on the 23rd March between West Butterwick and Owston Ferry completely by chance as I was jogging on the river bank. There were clear waves about a foot high but they were not breaking, it was still pretty impressive though as it was such a clear beautiful calm morning. I am also a keen surfer and I reckon the wave was big enough to catch on a longboard, on a location where the wave actually breaks, or nearly breaks. I have seen some of the video clips near the M180 and reckon it would have been catchable there.

  17. Richard Mills
    Richard Mills at · · Reply

    I saw the Aegir last Friday morning at. Gainsborough. Thanks for the prediction work you have done. What was interesting was that on ,2 previous occasions when there wasn’t a bore the river visibly changed direction about 40 mins before the high tide time but on Friday it didn’t..
    I traveled from Gunthorpe Nottingham to see it again after 60 years have passed.

  18. David McPhee
    David McPhee at · · Reply

    Thank you for you work, which I stumbled upon by accident yeaterday morning and so went to see the Aegir lasr night at Gainsborough for the first time in my life – an ambition fulfilled.
    As a local man growing up with a farming family (Flixborough / Burton) I had heard a lot about it from my grand parents, particularly my Grandma who knew lots of stories and folklore.
    It was everything I expected.
    I will go again thanks to your tables.
    Thanks again

  19. Rebecca Harley
    Rebecca Harley at · · Reply

    7.30pm at West Stockwith today (20.04.19)

  20. Keith Fisher
    Keith Fisher at · · Reply

    I also have missed the Aegir tables. I saw an impressive one at West Stockwith several years ago, so took my wife to see the next one. It was, inevitably, almost none existent. So we went to the pub.
    I am conducting some research into the Trent Navigation Company Gauging Tables and came across the following newspaper article which illustrates the dangers of the bore, even to professional boatmen:

    Friday 9 September 1898, the Lincoln, Rutland & Stamford Mercury, Page 5
    About 7.30 on Friday morning [2/9/1898] two canal boats, the property of Mr R. Teal of Stockwith, were sunk by the tide at Gainsboro’. As the Aegir was expected to be a large one preparations were made to meet it by pushing the vessels into the middle of the stream. This however was of no avail for the Aegir, which was eight or ten feet high, lifted the bows high in the air and the sterns stuck in the bottom of the river. The vessels were swamped and sank immediately. Four occupants were washed overboard, but fortunately were able to swim. One of them, a boy, with great presence of mind swam to a cob-boat, and cutting the moorings, went after the others, one of whom had succeeded in obtaining a plank, and by this means was keeping afloat. The other men were not so fortunate, and were struggling desperately to keep above water. Eventually they were all taken aboard the boat by the boy in a very exhausted condition. The two vessels are now lying in ten feet of water opposite Trentholme Brick Works.
    (KGF Note: in the Trent Navigation Company Books there are two boats owned by R. Teal of Stockwith (Nos 2158 and 2162). Both came into his possession after 1898.)

  21. David Blythen
    David Blythen at · · Reply

    This is wonderful information and many thanks for your efforts.
    I also have been very interested in forecasting the aegir tides and heights for several years now, so we’ll done for your great efforts here.

  22. Ben
    Ben at · · Reply

    Been to the Trent at Stockwith today but no sign of Aegir

    1. David Blythen
      David Blythen at · · Reply

      There wouldn’t be. The Full Moon isn’t until 22:11 tonight and the aegirs (if any) won’t occur generally until a few days following a New or Full Moon.

      Looking at the heights at Keadby, the best day would be Monday, but I don’t even think it’s a 1* aegir to be honest.

  23. Ben
    Ben at · · Reply

    Thanks for the info will try again tomorrow

  24. David Blythen
    David Blythen at · · Reply

    I thought the following information may be of help to you.

    A few years back now, I made a freedom of information request to the Environment Agency, after they had stopped producing the Trent Aegir timetable.

    The reason why they stopped was down to cost cutting.

    I received a lot of information, but sadly most of the past information regarding timetables were deleted.

    The Environment Agency did send me though the following…


    River Trent Aegir Predictions

    From the River Trent tidal predictions, when they are published:

    Use KEADBY levels. Metres AOD
    Use Gainsborough times, GMT

    If Gainsborough time is not available, an estimate can be calculated by taking the Keadby time and adding 1h 05m +/- 5mins

    Aegir time is GMT time at Gainsborough minus 2 hours
    eg. 21:00 high tide = 19:00 Aegir prediction.

    Prospect predictions:

    Small 4.50 to 4.69 metres AOD *
    Medium 4.70 to 4.89 metres AOD **
    Large 4.90 to 5.09 metres AOD ***
    Extra Lrge 5.10 to 5.30 metres AOD ****
    5 Star 5.40 metres AOD and above. *****


    AOD means Above Ordinance Datum

    The info re prospect predictions gives a 5 star aegir at 5 40 metres AOD and above. Not sure if that is a typo error and should have read instead 5.31 metres AOD and above.

    Hope this helps! 🙂

  25. Paul Dagg
    Paul Dagg at · · Reply

    Thanks so much for this info – without it we’d have had no idea when to look!

    Tonight’s Aegir occurred at 19:59 at Walkerith, so I’d imagine this would’ve been around 15-20 minutes earlier than the time tabled for Stockwith above.

  26. Keith Ellis
    Keith Ellis at · · Reply

    Great work with the timetables. It was the first time tonight that I witnessed the Aegir – quite spectacular and very eerie as seen from Gainsborough bridge in the darkness. It came through at around 20:50 so well within the time range predicted. Thank you for putting the effort in to predict the timings. We are definitely going back at the end of the month to see it again.

  27. Kev Burnley
    Kev Burnley at · · Reply

    I was just up stream of Susworth at the river bend – the aegir came through st 20:07 this evening.
    Thanks for the information.

  28. Ian Thompson
    Ian Thompson at · · Reply

    I saw it at 19.40 at West Butterwick on 1st September. Thanks for your effort putting the timetables together. It was visually quite impressive but the noise was incredible.
    I took a video of it. The file will be too big to send but I don’t know if I could upload it?

    Thanks Ian

  29. Justin Smith
    Justin Smith at · · Reply

    An excellent and useful site for Trent Bore info.
    I think it would be a good idea to prominently emphasise that the Bore can be early !
    On the 1st Sept we got up early (for a Sunday ! ) and travelled all the way from Sheffield to see it, we got there about 25 min early to be informed it`d gone 20 minutes ago…. We then called back in the evening (having spent the day in Cleethorpes) for the 9.15PM Bore. we got there 50 min early to be on the safe side and it actually passed about 30 min early.
    Do larger Bores travel faster and therefore are they more likely to be early ?

  30. Justin Smith
    Justin Smith at · · Reply

    Thanks Angus.
    We saw it (well missed it in the morning ! ) at Gainsborough in the evening. It was fantastic ! It seemed to get smaller as it went round the bend towards the bridge, does it do that because the river is wider or something ? Or was it just because it was fairly dark and we couldn`t see it clearly…..
    Interestingly there were two other groups of people who also got there late in the morning all quoting 9.35, so I`d make the fact it can be earlier one of the most prominent points.
    We saw it about 8 years ago (though it was quite a bit smaller than the one on Sunday) and have also seen the Severn Bore twice (good but negatively affected by surfers and motorboats on and in front of it), plus I was once walking along the banks of the River Lune (Lancaster) and just happened to see a small wave going up it and immediately realised it must be a bore
    Anyway, thanks again, anything which promotes this wonder is to be commended.

  31. Robert King
    Robert King at · · Reply

    Eiger arrived at Morton Corner at 14:00 on 8/9/2019. I calculated from your figures to arrive at 13:45. Just a ripple. Grandkids laughing. I have seen it circa 1.2M very impressive. I will delve deeper, I need to win credibility back!

    Thankyou for the information.

    Bob King.

  32. David Dobbie
    David Dobbie at · · Reply

    Thank You for this information. I have posted it across sites in Gainsborough after being told there had been a good size one last week.

  33. David Blythen
    David Blythen at · · Reply

    Tuesday morning, 1 Oct., is the one I’m going to see. I expect this tide to be early, as a NE wind will prevail, which is also a good thing for the strength of the tide. Just hope there’s not too much rainwater in the river, as the weather is looking promising with the wind in a good direction.

  34. David Blythen
    David Blythen at · · Reply

    Hi Angus, Just checked and the tide for later today has a northerly. Its just the rain that might ruin the aegir’s strength. Tuesday morning sees a NE wind, but again, heavy rain early prior to the tide.

  35. David Blythen
    David Blythen at · · Reply

    There is a northerly wind for this evening’s tide. Pity about the floodwater. Heavy rain also forecasted for early Tuesday before tide, although wind in a good direction ie NE.

    This might be what a call a wet lettuce. Blink and you miss it, but who knows?

  36. andy harris
    andy harris at · · Reply

    thank you for the predictions I watch the aegir whenever I can as I live on the trent side I watched the last few today and yesterday someone is coming to surf it tomorrow morning so hope its a good one he’s surfed it before and I recorded it, and have put it on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BKIzUX8G-w

  37. David Dobbie
    David Dobbie at · · Reply

    Will the 1* Aegirs have an effect on any flooding in the area as the level of the Trent is still very high?

  38. Antony Colas
    Antony Colas at · · Reply

    Hi. Good job ! Have you seen any riders on the Trent Aegir ?

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