August 10, 2016

Bourne Villa

By angus

Steam Corn Mill - Sheffield Daily Telegraph - Saturday 26 June 1886

Sales details from 1886

James Wilson appears to have been the first Miller;

1868 – Post Office Directory – Wilson James, Corn Miller
1872 – Whites Directory – Wilson Jas., Corn Miller. Steam mill & flour dealer. Cross Street
1885 – Whites Directory – Wilson James. Corn miller. Steam mill.

It would appear that he was declared bankrupt in 1883 and the mill was sold at Auction in 1885.

The mill then appears to have passed into the Fillingham family, most likely by Elijah Fillingham, however he died in 1887 and the mill is shown as being operated by his wife Elizabeth in the 1889 directory.

1889 – Whites Directory – Fillingham Elizabeth (Mrs), Miller (Steam), mill flour
1892 – Whites Directory – Fillingham Elizabeth (Mrs)(Exors of), Miller (Steam), mill flour
1896 – Whites Directory – Fillingham Wilfrid, Miller (Steam), Mill House
1905 – Whites Directory – Fillingham Wilfrid, Miller (Steam) & farmer, Bethel St
1909 – Whites Directory – Fillingham Wilfrid, Miller (Steam), Bethel St

It would appear that the conversion to the Primitive Methodist Manse took place in 1908/1909 as this is the first time a Primitive Methodist minister is shown as living in Bourne Villa;
1909 – Whites Directory – Eyre Rev William Alfred (Primitive methodist), Bourne Villa, Cross Street – Prior to this the ministers appeared to have lived on Vicarage Walk, although in 1905 Rev John Swales is listed as living on Gas Road.

Bourne Villa