February 16, 2014

Newspaper clippings for Crowle

By angus

Stamford Mercury 19 March 1819



At the house of Mrs Isle, the Darby and Joan Inn, in Crowle, on Monday the 4th day of May next, before the Commissioners for the said Inclosure;

Two allotments of LAND, situate on the Carr Common, in Crowle aforesaid, containing together by survey 20A.3R. 7P., set out and allotted to the Trustees of the Free School and Walkwood’s dole, respectively. – Further particulars may be known on application to Mr Spofforth, jun at Howden, the Clerk to the said Commissioners. Howden, March 16, 1819

Stamford Mercury Friday 01 April 1842


Notice is hereby given, that the Court Leet of our Sovereign Lady he Queen, together with the Court Baron and Copyhold Court of the Right Honorable Charles Herbert Earl Manvers, Lord of the Manor of Crowle, in the county of Lincoln, will be held in and for the said Manor, at the accustomed place in Crowle aforesaid, known by the sign of the Darby and Joan, on Thursday the Twenty-eighth day of Aprl next at Ten o’clock in the forenoon. Thos Fowke and W BURNABY,

Newark, March 29th, 1842 Steward

Friday 20 March 1863

 At the Spen Cottage, near Crowle, on the 11th Inst., aged 82, Mary, widow of Mr John Watson. Her remians were the first that were interred in the cemetery.

Stamford Mercury – Friday 01 April 1859

Police Station, Epworth, March 21, before the Hon and Rev. C. Dundas

Thos. Brunyee, of Crowle, was charged by p.c. Robinson with drunkeness and ringing the bells at Crowle church. Fined 5s. and costs.

Stamford Mercury – Friday 13 November 1885

Henry Oxtoby of Crowle, aged 14 years, was fined 1s and costs 7s for letting off fireworks in the Market-place, Crowle on the 20th of Oct.

Stamford Mercury – Friday 24 July 1863

The license of the Cross Keys Inn, Crowle, was endorsed to John and Betsy Vause until 31st Inst.

Stamford Mercury – Friday 01 October 1869

Mr Woodhead, solicitor of Doncaster, for Thos. C. Horobin, of Crowle, to sell wine off the premises. Mr. Burtonshaw of Crowle opposed. Granted – Mr Woodhead applied for a beerhouse license for Jas. Crane, of Crowle; and Mr Wilkinson of Gainsborough opposed. Granted.

Yorkshire Gazette – Saturday 28 May 1836

Same day, at Crowle, Mr George Robinson, innkeeper and coal-merchant, Crowle Wharf, only son of Mr John Robinson, of Ealand, to Miss Hannah Whitaker, second daughter of the late Mr T Whitaker, draper and grocer, Crowle.

Stamford Mercury – Friday 22 May 1840

Wanted, a Decoy-man to attend a Decoy. – Enquire of John Watson, Crowle Wharf, Yorkshire. None need apply whose character will not bear the strictest scrutiny.

Hull Packet – Friday 03 May 1850


Stamford Mercury – Friday 26 September 1856

At Manchester, M E G Maw, (only son of John Maw, Esq of Belton) to Elizabeth eldest daughter of George Robinson, Esq., of Crowle Wharf.

Yorkshire Gazette – Saturday 04 November 1854

Railway to the Isle of Axholme – A proposition has been made to construct a line of railway from Doncaster to near Crowle Wharf and thence diverging to Trent Fall on the North and Haxey on the south. Alongside the railway will be carried a drain, so that the district through which it passes would not only be benefited by an improved means in the conveyance of themselves and the produce of their land, but an effective and complete system of drainage would be provided.

Grantham Journal – Saturday 25 June 1859

On Monday, the Primitive Methodists of North Lincolnshire, and many resident n Barnsley, Doncaster and other places held a great meeting at Crowle Wharf, near CRowle. To accommodate the hundreds that were anxious to attend, the South Yorkshire Railay Company ran special trains from Sheffield, Barnsley and Doncaster, to Thorne, and conveyed the passengers there by steamers. Leading ministers in the body delivered addresses, and n the afternoon about 2,000 sat down at intervals to tea. The proceedings were of an highly interesting character and were most satisfactory. – Leeds Mecury

 Lincolnshire Chronicle – Friday 03 July 1857

Wanted, in a Tradesman’s family, a Young Lady to educate Six children in a sound English Education, with Music; also take charge of their Wardrobe; age from Four to Fourteen. To be addressed, Mr G Robinson, Crowle Wharf, near Bawtry, Yorkshire.

 Hull Packet – Friday 14 August 1857

Shooting a Master Mariner – During the past week

Hull Packet – Friday 05 June 1857

Death by Drowning

Lincolnshire Chronicle – Friday 02 March 1855

The Ice – The stainf

Lincolnshire Chronicle – Friday 23 February 1855

The Storm – The River Trent

The Railway

Lincolnshire Chronicle Friday 24 November 1854

Extensiion Railway to Crowle

Leeds Mercury – Tuesday 21 June 1859


Great Meeting at Crowle Wharf –

Stamford Mercury – Friday 31 August 1860

Crowle – A fishing Mat

Newcastle Journal – Monday 08 Jul 1867

Great All England Angling Match –

Lincolnshire Chronicle – Friday 08 May 1863

On 30th ult., at Whittlesea, Emily, daughter of Mr George Robinson, of the South Yorkshire Railway Hotel, Crowle Wharf, aged 17.

Lincolnshire Chronicle – Saturday 16 April 1864

On 9th inst at Crowle Wharf, Mr John Robinson, father of Mr George Robinson, of the South Yorkshire Hotel in his 87th year.

Stamford Mercury- Friday 23 March 1860

Mrs Glew etc

Lincolnshire Chronicle – Saturday 04 February 1865

Crowle – The entry of Thomas Harsley Carnochan

Lincolnshire Chronicle – Friday 25 August 1865

Crowle – About one o’clock on the afternoon of Wednesday, the 16th inst, we had a heavy fall of rain, accompanied with thunder and lightning. Several squares of glass were broken in front of the house of Mr Robinson, of the South Railway Hotel at Crowle Wharf and much damage was also done inside the house.