January 26, 2013

Lock, Stock & Barrel – Fishmonger’s Arms – Hunter’s Hall

By Angus Townley

Fishmongers Arms

The premises on Cross Street also incorporate the town assembly rooms which were constructed in 1848. Before construction of the Roman Catholic Church Mass was said in the assembly room from time to time.


1872 George Robinson, Tetley, Crowle – (Register of licenses)
???? Thomas Dymond, Burntwood Hall, Barnsley – (Register of licenses)
1892 John (Thomas) Dymond, Burntwood Hall, Barnsley -(Register of licenses)
1903 John Dymond esq, Barnsley – (Register of licenses)
????  The New Trent Brewery Co Ltd – (Register of licenses)
???? Barnsley Brewery Co Ltd – (Register of licenses)

Licensees – as listed in the Register of Licences granted in the Western Division Hundred of Manley in the parts of Lindsey in the County of Lincoln [1872 to circa 1940]

Licensed Premises Licensee Date of Transfer
Fishmonger’s Arms George Chapman Pidd 6 Sep 1872
Fishmonger’s Arms William Ducker 2 Jul 1885
Fishmonger’s Arms Robert Corbett Clark 10 Mar 1892
Fishmonger’s Arms Thomas Peter Wainwright Tune 3 May 1900
Fishmonger’s Arms Joseph Ougtibridge 14 Nov 1900
Fishmonger’s Arms James McNulty 7 Nov 1929
Fishmonger’s Arms John Cranidge 10 Mar 1932


Trade Directories etc.

1861 John Clark – Fishmonger (1861 Census)
1861 Clark, John, Fishmonger & lessee of Assembly Rooms (Post Office Directory of Lincolnshire, 1861)
1868 Clark, John, Fishmonger & lessee of Assembly Rooms (Post Office Directory of Lincolnshire, 1868)
1870 John Clark died age 56 26 May 1870 (Stamford Mercury – Friday 03 June 1870)
1872 George Pidd, Beerhouse Proprietor, Cross Street (White’s History, Gazetteer & Directory of Lincolnshire, 1872)
1877 George Chapman Pidd, landlord of Fishmonger’s Arms reported as buyng his wife for £40
1881 George C Pidd Sen. – Beer house Keeper (1881 Census)
1885 Pidd, George Chapman, Beer Retailer, Cross Street (Kelly’s Directory of Lincolnshire, 1885)
1885 Police Station -Epworth. Authority to sell until July 2nd was granted to George Chapman Pidd; George & Dragon Inn, Crowle; to Wm Ducker, Fishmongers’ Arms Inn, Crowle (Stamford Mercury – Friday 15 May 1885)
1889 Ducker, William, Beer Retailer, Cross Street & Assembly Rooms proprietor (Kelly’s Directory of Lincolnshire, 1889)
1896 Robert Corbett Clarke, Beer Retailer, Cross Street & Assembly Rooms proprietor ( Kelly’s Directory of Lincolnshire)
1905 Joseph Oughtibridge, Beer Retailer & Assembly Rooms proprietor, Cross Street
(Kelly’s Directory of Lincolnshire)
1909 Joseph Oughtibridge, Beer Retailer & Assembly Rooms proprietor, Cross Street
(Kelly’s Directory of Lincolnshire)
1911 Joseph Oughtibridge – Publican (1911 Census)
1913 Joseph Oughtibridge, Beer Retailer & Assembly Rooms proprietor, Cross Street
(Kelly’s Directory of Lincolnshire)
1919 Joseph Oughtibridge, Beer Retailer & Assembly Rooms proprietor, Cross Street
(Kelly’s Directory of Lincolnshire)
1958 – Still known as Fishmonger’s Arms
1966 Ferguson, Fishmonger’s Arms, (Avril Turner Project)

1910 Tax Assessment Report;
Occupier: Oughtibridge Joseph
Owner: John Dymond (New Trent Brewery)
Particulars: Beer House situate in Cross Street. Club rooms and all buildings in fair repair. Copyhold of Crowle Manor.
Description of Buildings:
Ground Floor – Smoke Room, Tap Room, Serving Bar
1st floor – 4 Bedrooms
Ground floor – Kitchen, Wash House
1st floor – Bedroom and Store Room
Ground floor –  1 box ? Stable for 4
1st floor – Club Room
1861 Census
John Clarke, Fishmonger, Born about 1817 in Garthorpe, Married to Tabatha born about 1821
Children; Hannah (15), Robert(11), Mary A (8), Maria (7)
Lodgers; Robert Cotton, Ag Lab from Hull, born about 1827
Martha Cotton, from Kingerby, born about 1829

Before this time, Fr. Dawson of Howden and a Fr. McNaughton of Brigg
had occasionally visited the Isle. In fact, we have a record of Fr.
McNaughton saying Mass on Easter Tuesday, April 22nd, 1862 — also
later a Fr. Harris also from Brigg. Mass then was said at the
Assembly Hall which adjoined the Crowle Fishmongers’ Arms — also used for auctions, public meetings, and no doubt for social occasions.

Selling- a wife.— Ah “extraordinary occurrence took place the other
day at Crowle, Lincolnshire. William Liggott, a pork butcher, sold his
wife for £40 to Chapman Pidd, landlord of the Fishmonger’s Arms. The
articles of sale were drawn up at a solicitor’s office, the money was
paid, and the wife handed over. Both parties, it is said, appeared satisfied with their bargain. Pidd has only been a widower a few months.

Leicester Chronicle – Saturday 20th January 1877 – Fishmonger Wife Sale


Alleged Sale of Wife York Herald  Monday 22 January 1877

Alleged Sale of Wife
York Herald
Monday 22 January 1877

Census 1881
Fishmongers Arms, George C Pidd sen., 47, Beerhouse Keeper, born in Crowle married to Elizabeth Pidd, 38, born in York Hatfield Level,
Children; Margaret Leggott, 14, Crowle, George C Pidd, 6 months, born in Crowle,
Ada Staniforth, 17, Domestic Servant, born in Crowle

1897 Jan 2nd
This annual occurrence took place on Christmas Eve, and was held in the Assembly Rooms. An excellent tea was placed on the tables by Mrs Clark, and full justice was done to it by the 90 guests who gathered around the festive board. The waiters who attended on the wants of the company were Mrs Taylor, Mrs Lockwood, Mrs Bartle, Mrs Couch, Mrs Isle, Mrs Bassindale, Miss Stainforth, and Miss Clark. Over a score of old folk, including the old roadmen, feasted themselves and had a good time, through the kindness of Mr Jos. Franks. About 7.30 the dance commenced, Messrs Holt and Clarke providing the music. Over 40 couples entertained with spirit into the popular pastime, and the proceedings were of a most jovial nature.

1901 Census
Fishmongers Arms Joseph Oughtibridge, 41, Innkeeper, born in Crowle married to Mary, 41,born in Wath upon Dearn. Children: Ernest, 10 born in Birmingham.
Evelyn Lindley, 16, Domestic Servant born in Crowle.

Crowle Advertiser Apr 13th 1907
John Henry Hanson, of Crowle, was charged with being drunk on licensed premises (Fishmongers’ Arms) on the 6th April….. a fine of 5/- and 4/6 costs imposed.

1907 Sep 7th
At Epworth Police Court, on Tuesday, before T J Blaydes, Esq., and W Standring, Esq., Emma Robinson, of Crowle, was charged with stealing a pint bottle of stout from the dram shop at the Fishmongers’ Arms, on the previous day.

Joseph Outibridge, landlord of the Fishmongers’ Arms, deposed that about 10a.m., on the day in question, he filled the shelves in the dram shop with bottled beer and stout. About 11a.m., the prisoner came to the house and asked for a half pint of beer in a bottle. He asked her if she had a bottle. She replied, “no,” and he refused to serve her. At about 11.30a.m., he left the dram shop to go into the kitchen for a few minutes, and on returning saw the prisoner standing near the entrance to the dram shop. She asked to be supplied with a pint of beer in a bottle which she produced, and he served her. Shortly afterwards he missed a pint bottle of stout from off the shelf in the dram shop. Suspecting prisoner, he went in search of her, and being unable to find her reported the matter to the police. He valued the stout at 4d.

Inspector Skipworth said that from the information received, he visited the Fishmongers’ Arms bout 3p.m., and on making an inspection of the place, noticed a woman’s footprint on some boards which had recently been scrubbed, opposite from the place from which the stout was missing. Robinson was suspected, and he went in search of her and found her in High Street, begging of foot passengers. He told her a bottle of stout was missing from a shelf at the Fishmongers’ Arms, and he suspected her of taking it. As she denied all knowledge of it, he took her back to the Fishmongers’ Arms, and showed her the footprint on the board, and on comparing her left boot with the mark, found it corresponded. He then charged her with theft, and conveyed her to the Police Station. She subsequently admitted having stolen the stout, and said she was sorry. The empty stout bottle, produced, he found in the Crowle Churchyard.

A fine of 5/- and 7/6 costs was imposed, the Chairman remarking that they were sorry to see prisoner in her present position, but if she appeared again she would have to go to prison.


Friday, August 29
23-years-old Eric Seaton’s wedding at Crowle on Saturday. Someone he
has cared for and taken a great pride in ever since he left school.

She is “K-K-K-Katie”, Mr Dick Spivey’s veteran Gladiator car which is
well known in the district.

“K-K-K-Katie’s” role in Saturday’s proceedings will start after the
wedding ceremony, when Mr Seaton, of Johnson’s Lane, Crowle, and his
bride, 19-years-old Miss Pamela Leaning, of the Fishmongers Arms,
Crowle, come out of St. Oswald’s Church.
Lock Stock & Barrel – Cross Street

Lock, Stock & Barrel