January 1, 1970

Manuscript in the Red Box

By Angus Townley

Publisher’s Note

The author may, perhaps, ask why the publisher did not wait longer for him to reveal himself. The reason was that it appeared that the interest aroused in this foundling romance, through the author’s modesty or carelessness, would be best maintained by publication while the incidents were still fresh in the minds of the public. The publisher holds that what is the author’s interest is also his.

With regard to the business side of this transaction, the publisher will try to meet the author’s demands in a spirit of fairness ; but, should there be any dispute arise, he, for his part, will be quite willing to leave the decision with the President of the Society of Authors, Mr. George Meredith, and the President of the Publishers’ Association, Mr. Charles James Longman, the prince of English publishers.

For the author’s protection, some slight changes have been made in the MS., in no way. however, affecting the story, but of sufficient importance to prevent any false claim from being successfully advanced. The author’s interests have been further safeguarded by ” The MS. in a Red Box ” being copyrighted and published in the United States of America. The work has been seen through the press by Mr. Richard Upton, of Jesus College, Cambridge.

Apart from the interest the publisher has had in reading the book, he has to thank the author for relieving the tedium of ordinary publishing,
and, in addition, for providing him with the unique experience of dedicating a book to its unknown author.

The Bodlev Head
July, 1903

Link to PDF Download to this book based in the area during Vermuyden’s drainage.