January 1, 1970

HIrst Priory and School – 1949-1952

By Angus Townley

I lived at Hirst Priory from 1949 to 1952. My father was the chauffeur my mother the housekeeper to the Stubley family who lived there. We moved to Crowle with them when they left Wakefield. They had a daughter, known to me as Miss Bobby. I do not know just how old she was. As a 6 year old everyone was ancient!

Hirst Priory Gates

I attended the Primary school and remember writing on slates. The room had a huge fire in the middle of the room and was very cosy in the winter. But the toilets were out in the school yard,so if it was raining one hung on as long as possible. Once I waited a moment too long, oh the shame of it.

We were only there for 3 years and then returned to wakefield. Of all my childhood memories my short stay at Hirst Priory Crowle were the happiest. I am an only child so was delighted to have the children from home farm to play with. However Mrs Stubley said to my father,Stenton, please do not encourage Heather to have the farm children come to the house so once again I was alone.

I would love to have news of the area. I now live in spain, not on the Costas but up in the mountains of Malaga, so I love to keep in touch with anyone that is a link to my past life. Please reply if you have the time as I would love to hear more of the place where I was so happy. With good wishes, Heather

Heather Dews nee Stenton