New Car Park on Crowle Moors

New Car Park on Crowle Moors January 2012

There is now a new car park on Crowle Moors – I’m not sure that it has been officially opened yet but it is usable. Previously parking for waking on the moors was difficult but this will make it so much easier. Kissing gates have been put in to provide direct access across to the moors.

It is located at the bottom of Dole Road near the old peat works.


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  1. Woods
    Woods at · · Reply

    I saw the car park the other day but didn’t venture down the track. Does anyone know where is goes, i.e. does it join up with the Decoy or the Southern trail? Or perhaps it’s going to be a new route?

  2. Angus
    Angus at · · Reply

    We have walked down the path and it takes quite an interesting through a former peat working area and you can cut across (no paths as such) to the Decoy Path – about the point at which one turns right toward the warping drain. Alternatively you can turn left on the ride and come out on the warping drain at the bailey bridge.
    This should open up all sorts of alternative routes. I don’t know what is intended in the way of way marked paths. Last weekend we walked through to the Yorkshire Triangle and then walked through the woods to Crowle Moor South. It is all certainly within the NNR but may not actually be within the Open Access Area.

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