October 6, 2011

The first Goldthorps in Crowle.

By Angus Townley

The first Goldthorps in Crowle.


John Goldthorp married Susannah Crossland at St. Oswald’s Church in Crowle on 17 Nov. 1709.

John must have been an incomer, Susannah being baptised on 25 Apr. 1686.

The children baptised with their parentage were: –

Mary. 12 Oct 1710.
Elizabeth. 31 May 1713.
Anne. 28 Jan. 1716.
Susannah. 19 Jan 1718.
Anne. 30 Jan. 1723.
John. 17 Nov. 1725.

There must have been a serious epidemic in Crowle in the autumn of 1721 effecting children, something like diphtheria or smallpox.

Susannah was buried on 2. November 1721 Age almost 4.

Elizabeth was buried on 16 Nov. 1721, aged 8 and

Anne on 16 Nov. 1721 aged almost 6.


John Goldthorpe was buried 1 Jul. 1729 aged 4, he could have been 22 but I am assuming the John Gouldthorpe buried 2 Mar 1747 was the original John Goldthorp who would be almost 70 years of age. There is no record of Susannah’s burial in St Oswald’s churchyard.

Only Mary and the second Anne may have reached adulthood, their marraiges did not take place in Crowle if at all.

William Crossland married Elizabeth Pye 5 Jul. 1680 in Crowle although neither were baptised in Crowle. Prior to 1662 there are no baptisms with the surname of Crossland although there are numerous, PIE s, PYs and PYEs.

REMEMBER, Parish Clerks were semi-literate and the spelt names as they heard them.

Three children were baptised.

Mary. 11 Feb. 1682. A Mary Crosseland was buried 8 Jan. 1695.

Susannah. 25 Apr. 1686.

Elizabeth. 29 May 1690


A Helen Crossland was buried 12 Jun 1690, I cannot find her origin.

A William Crossland was buried on 26 Oct. 1692, presumably the husband and father because there are no further baptisms after 1690.

A four year gap between pregnancies is unusual, William may have been in poor health or unsuccessful pregnancies occurred during the gaps.

Without doubt John Goldthorp will be a relative, all people with surname Goldthorpe regardless how it is spelt descend from the marriage in 1361 between Robin (or Robert) de Goldthorpe alias Robinson (or Robertson) son of Robin (or Robert) Lord of the Manor of Goldthorpe to Esabul, half heiress with the sister Dionyssia to William de Shepley, Lord of the Manor of Shepley


Has anyone any knowledge of the possible survivors Mary and Anne Goldthorp?