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January 1, 1970

Transport in Crowle. – Submitted by Bill Goldthorp

I have no photographs of transport when I lived in Crowle. Very few people had cars, most used bicycles. The cinema in Epworth and the Olde Tyme Dances, in the village halls at Xmas if we could not scrounge a lift in a car was also by bicycle. Our dinner suit trousers well tucked into long socks, the girls had their dresses in a haversack […]

January 1, 1970

Wharf Road, Crowle, as it was. Bill Goldthorp

Modern Wharf Road, stretches from Godnow Road to Crowle Station. It was not always so, parts once had different names. Crowle Map Old Street Names. When I was a boy, 1933 to 1951, when I went to university. Mill Road was often referred to by the older residents as Mill Trod, to my mind much more picturesque than Mill Road. Fieldside was never referred to […]