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January 1, 1970

Early Goldthorpe spellings in the Kirkburton Registers.

Early Goldthorpe spellings in the Kirkburton Registers. Originally the parish of the kirk (church) at Burton 1540 to January 15th 1654. Parish clerks were only partly literate, word spellings not finalised and they often just wrote down what they heard. In fact a surname can be spelt two different ways in the same sentence. Browsing the family histories which intertwine on the website, […]

January 1, 1970

Swimming in the Old Clay Pit.

It is impossible to locate the swimming area now. 1949. Dressed and ready for home. Aged 16. Don Tune, became head of the Music Department in a Comprehensive School, Brain (Chippy) Chapman, Lecturer at an Agricultural College, Don Clarke, joined the administrative department of Lysarsts Steelworks, one other and a great pal, my dog Mac. I cannot spell Lysarts. 1952, long summer vacation of my […]