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  1. Bryan Scutt
    Bryan Scutt at · · Reply

    Thank you very much for this Angus .

  2. Simon Judge
    Simon Judge at · · Reply

    Thank you, very interesting, I will be boating along here this year!

    Is there an obvious reason why there are none predicted in June, July or September ??

  3. Simon Judge
    Simon Judge at · · Reply

    Thanks – very helpful. I have seen a video of a narrowboat like mine moored on Gainsborough pontoon. I don’t want to try that myself …

  4. Sarah
    Sarah at · · Reply

    Thanks so much for working this out. We have really missed the Environment Agency packing it in! Well done.

    SHAUN PYCROFT at · · Reply

    It was around 6.45 am this morning, tuesday 22nd at the large bend at morton if that helps? was big

    SHAUN PYCROFT at · · Reply

    Hi Angus, today at morton it came through at 7.30 am not 6.29am. Wednesday 23rd 2019 if that helps you re-asses timings?

    SHAUN PYCROFT at · · Reply

    Great stuff, ill keep an eye on the evening times again at morton, they were a little closer to your original predictions. Thanks for putting this on here

  8. Amanda Holding
    Amanda Holding at · · Reply

    Thanks for doing this. When the Environment Agency stopped doing it they sent me a link to the Admiralty EasyTide website which was gobbledegook to me.


  9. David Gray
    David Gray at · · Reply

    A really interesting project, I think you have got a job for life!


  10. River Trent Aegir – Chesterfield Canal Trust

    […] The Environment Agency used to publish Aegir timetables, but have not done so for several years, however the Crowle Community Forum publishes predictions, click here. […]

  11. David Hodges
    David Hodges at · · Reply

    I have read with interest all the comments re the Aigir and or Bore on the Trent and congratulate everyone for keeping the subject alive and kicking.
    I have found reading these posts very interesting and they have awakened some good memories of time past. I was born in Keadby before the war and recall being escorted to the riverbank at tide times to see how big the Aigir was going to be. This seemed to be a popular event and one could see many families participating in this along the riverside. In those days there were indeed some quite high waves formed with an accompanying rushing sound of water. After spending a number of years as an officer in the MN I eventually found myself in charge of running river wharves in different parts of the country which included Gunness Wharf and Flixborough on the Trent. The Aigir again became a part of my life in as much that we were involved in river flood defences which included strengthening banks and lifting the height of the river banks. These all contributed to the effect of the Aigir by reducing its surge. During my working life on the river especially at Gunness we experienced a number of incidents where ships moored at Gunness were stripped of their moorings and on a couple of occasions drifted into the nearby Keadby bridge structure. These incidents were caused by a large Aigir surge and despite vessels using extra moorings to counter these expected incidents the strength of the Aigir overcame the moorings. It was in those days our responsibility together with the ships Master to calculate when such events were likely to take place by using local tide tables and tidal predictions issued from Hull Albert Dock

  12. Andrew Whiteley
    Andrew Whiteley at · · Reply

    Thanks for the information been missing watching since environment agency stopped listing times

  13. Simon
    Simon at · · Reply

    Thank you for calculating the times, we went over today. Spectacular and accurate prediction to the minute.

  14. Mike Hird
    Mike Hird at · · Reply

    Does anyone ride the bore as they do the Severn? If not why not?

  15. Lawrence Gray
    Lawrence Gray at · · Reply

    I saw the Aegir/(eagre) passing Burton Stather this afternoon at 17:20 not very big.

  16. Ian Thompson
    Ian Thompson at · · Reply

    I saw the Aegir about 7.15 am on the 23rd March between West Butterwick and Owston Ferry completely by chance as I was jogging on the river bank. There were clear waves about a foot high but they were not breaking, it was still pretty impressive though as it was such a clear beautiful calm morning. I am also a keen surfer and I reckon the wave was big enough to catch on a longboard, on a location where the wave actually breaks, or nearly breaks. I have seen some of the video clips near the M180 and reckon it would have been catchable there.

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