January 19, 2013

Crowle Advertiser

By Angus Townley

The Crowle Advertiser was set up as a weekly publication by Richard Wood in Crowle. The office was on the corner of the High Street and what is now known as Printing Office Lane.

It was set up in 1871

Over time the title changed its name;

Crowle Advertiser, and Tradesmen’s Weekly Circular – no 1 (2 Dec 1871)

Crowle, Isle of Axholme, and Marshland Advertiser, and Tradesmen’s Weekly Circular – no. 2-31 (9 Dec. 1871-29 June 1872)

Isle of Axholme, Marshland, and Crowle Advertiser no. 123-266 (4 April 1874-30 Dec. 1876) [The British Library do not have Sept. 1891-Dec. 1892; Jan.-April, Dec. 1893.]

Crowle Advertiser and Isle of Axholme News no. 267-7162 (6 Jan. 1877-26 Dec.1986)

In 1986 the paper merged with the Epworth Bells to form;

The Epworth Bells & Crowle advertiser   (2 Jan. 1987 onwards)

A really great resource of clippings from the Crowle Advertiser has been created by Malvern Hostick. This is of great interest to those interested in both genealogy and local history.


This site for The Crowle Advertiser was originally maintained by Malvern Hostick, and unfortunately is no longer available on its original site.

The Mechanics Institute also has a collection of both the Epworth Bells and Crowle Advertisers which can be consulted by visitors –  Though they only have copies of the Crowle Advertiser dating from 1890.


The British Library have most copies of the Crowle Advertiser available to look at at Colindale. Though once they have been digitised they will be moved to Boston Spa, near Wetherby. Once digitised they should be come available on the British Newspaper Archive.


I will also make available any copies that I have as and when I have time to scan them in;

Crowle Advertiser 1881 November 19

Crowle Advertiser 1881 November 26

Crowle Advertiser 1891 August 08

Crowle Advertiser 1912 February 17

Crowle Advertiser 1917 February 16

Crowle Advertiser 1921 January 15

Crowle Advertiser 1921 August 24