Crowle Entertainers

Crowle Entertainers

A community drama group based on the Isle of Axholme. Usually put on at least one production a year – a pantomime – at the Crowle Community Hall. Have been active since 2001.

Typically we hold a meeting in July to decide on which Pantomime will be produced and then rehearsals begin in earnest from September on Monday evenings at Crowle Comunity Centre from 6.00pm. The Pantomime is then performed at Crowle Community Centre early in January.

Contact details: or call 0 1427 873947 or 07709 971295

Photos of previous productions can be found on their website;


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  1. Pete Davies
    Pete Davies at · · Reply

    I run a website called One section of the site is used to advertise activities taking place in the Isle of Axholme. I think you have a pantomime, soon to be held in the Crowle Community Hall. If you would like me to advertise it on the site, please send me some information. There is no charge. The site is free. I have tried to find information about your show on the internet but I couldn’t find anything.
    Pete Davies

    1. angus
      angus at · · Reply

      Hi Pete,

      The Panto is on this weekend and has been promoted on most of the local Facebook Pages using a facebook event in addition to being put n loal papers and on the North Lincolnshire Council what’s on site –|crowle-entertainers-presents-the-wizard-of-oz|64207

      Pease feel free to advertise the event on your site however there is really only tomorrows performance at 2:30 as tonights performance starts in just under an hour.

      Many thanks


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