World War 2

Crowle at War Part 1. A schoolboys memories. – submitted by Bill Goldthorp

Crowle at War. A Schoolboy’s Memories – Part 1 By Bill (once known as Billy) Goldthorp. Background. My mother’s forebears, Tills, Everetts, Oates, etc. had been farmers in the Isle of Axholme for generations. For ten years prior to marriage Doris had been the primary school teacher at Eastoft. Boltgate my grandfather’s farm was a…

Crowle War Memorial Inscriptions

1914-1918 Amery E.J. Allan E. Beadle H. Bellamy W. Bradley J. Brant J.W. Broderick A. Cass T. Clarke W. Cook H. Coop S. Coy C.W. Cranidge J.J. Dale G. Dale R.J. Dale T. Dempster H. Dickman R.C. Drinkall G.A Empson S. Everatt H. Eyre H. Fretwell W. Gibson E. Gilbert C. Goodman C.W. Hague W.P….

Evacuee – submitted by Colin Stewart

Hello to all. Can anyone help. I was evacuated to Crowle in the 1940's but have no details. From what I remember it was a House with Orchard on a corner plot. I have some very happy memories of it My Name (surname was Bugg) Now Stewart – Colin Harold Stewart(Full Christian names. Mother was…