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1923 Jan 6th
Another old resident passed away on Sunday last, in the person of Sarah Ann Lindley, who for several years, has resided near Medge Hall. She was 72 years of age, and was the wife of Mr Thomas Lindley, who was a well known blacksmith. She leaves a family of sons for whom deep sympathy is felt. The interment took place in the cemetery on Thursday afternoon.

1923 Jan 27th
Frank Wilmot, of Haxey, asked for a variation of a bastardy order of 7/6 per week, obtained by Ann E Cooper, and as he did not appear, the application was struck out.

Thomas Pettinger, aged 13 years, and Frederick Brocklesby, 12 years, of Wroot, were charged with stealing an eight day clock. The Rev. N Bottoms ….. did not wish to press the case against the boys. Leonard Myers (10), of Doncaster, said he was spending his Christmas holidays at Wroot. He ‘swapped’ a mouth organ to Tom Pettinger for some clock works. Pc Markham ….. went to Myer’s home at Doncaster, and Mrs Myers handed him the works of the clock. He then saw Brocklesby who said, “Yes. I gave Pettinger a leg up, and he handed the clock down to him [sic]….. Both lads admitted the offence. The chairman said the Bench considered it a very serious offence, but were anxious to avoid branding them as thieves. They asked the parents if they were prepared to pay the 35/-, the value of the clock. Brocklesby said he was prepared to pay his portion, but Pettinger at first was reluctant to do so, but afterwards agreed to this. Brocklesby had also punished his boy ….. The chairman said Pettinger was reluctant to pay any damages or punish the lad. He was less anxious about his boy’s future than the Bench was. Pettinger consented to punish the boy in the presence of a police official, and the lads were then dealt with as First Offenders.

1923 Feb 10th
Ralf Butterfield, of Belton, asked for a bastardy order of 5/- per week, secured by Hilda Stones, of Belton, to be reduced. He said his wages were 15/- per week and board, and he had two other bastardy orders of 5/- and 7/6 to pay, obtained by Edith Bellamy, which he also asked to be reduced…..

Grace Torr, of Epworth, was charged with selling milk from a can without having the name and address thereupon ….. fined 2/6.

1923 Feb 24th
Charles W Wragg, of Amcotts, was charged with selling coal from a vehicle in quantities less than 2 cwt, and not carrying weights and scales, at Amcotts, on January 27th. He was further charged with failing to register his name and place of business, at Amcotts, on the same date. – Pc Cowling said he questioned him and saw him deliver several bags of coal. – Defendant pleaded guilty to the former charge, and said he failed to carry the scales in order to relieve the horse, as he had a big load.

John W Colby, of Wroot, asked for a variation of an affiliation order of 7/6 per week, obtained by Lizzie Barlow.

1923 Feb 24th
NO DANCING in the Picture House, Crowle, until further notice. – L Parkin.

1923 Mar 17th
On Monday, John Malia, of Luddington, labourer, made his 24th appearance before the magistrates. He was brought up on a warrant for failing to answer a summons at the previous Court charging him with using obscene language at Luddington on February 9th. He pleaded guilty. The Bench fined him 25/- or in default 21 days. The police stated that he was a source of annoyance generally, and the Bench requested the police to make representations to the overseers of the parish with a view to steps being taken by them for dealing with the defendant as a mental defective.

1923 Mar 24th
James Holt and James Arthur Holt, keelmen, were charged with stealing a hand truck, value 15/-, the property of Arthur Procter, of Owston Ferry.

Herbert Wilks, of Belton, was summoned by his wife, Anne Wilkes, for wife desertion.

George Outibridge, of Crowle, was charged with using obscene language, at Crowle, on March 8th. Pc Smith said he heard the defendant using bad language in Cross Street, and spoke to him ….. fined 10/-.

1923 Apr 7th
Chester Cook, of Owston, was fined 5/- for riding a cycle without a light, at Owston, at 8.20pm on March 24th. – Nellie Brown was fined 5/- and Blanche Brown 7/6 for similar offences at Amcotts. – Mary Brown was fined 10/- for a similar offence at Eastoft, and Stanley Leggott, of Amcotts, 10/- for a like offence at Amcotts.

John Whitely, of Crowle, was charged with using obscene language at Field Side, Crowle, on March 17th. – Sergeant Greasley stated that he was called at 11pm to the defendant’s house by the defendant’s daughter, and found there a large company in the street. He was using bad language towards his wife, and the baby’s head was covered with sausage he had thrown at it. He later used abusive language towards his son and daughter. Sergeant Greasley said the police had had much trouble with this man, as the wife was continually sending for the police …… Defendant said he did not use the language complained of. His wife sent for the police whenever they had a little quarrel ….. a fine of £1 was imposed. Ann E Whitely, wife of the last defendant, was summoned for using bad language on March 19th. She did not appear, owing, her husband stated, to illness.
[see April 21st]

Dan E Earnshaw now of Dewsbury, late of Haxey, was summoned for non payment of rates due to the overseers of Haxey. – He was further charged with cruelty to a mare, belonging to William Henry Stones, at Haxey, on March 5th. – Complainant stated that he was leading manure from Earnshaw’s field when Earnshaw came up and stabbed complainant’s mare with a carving knife ….. Complainant asked for a warrant, (through his lawyer), which was granted. (At a later hearing, Dan E Earnshaw was imprisoned).

1923 Apr 21st
Willie Clark, of Newland, was summoned for failing to contribute 2/6 per week towards the illegitimate child of Ivy Butterfield, of Belton. He agreed to pay 10/- and the balance next week.

Ann E Whitely was fined 10/- for using obscene language towards her husband [John Whitely] while standing at her own fireside with the door open. [see Apr 7th]