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1919 Jan 4th
Palace-De-Luxe, Crowle. Saturday night, at 7 and 9, “Painted Lips” a great picture Monday and Tuesday next, at 8 o’clock, H B Warner in “God’s Man,” a masterpiece.

Mr E A Chapman, as hon. secretary to the Crowle War Charities Commission, has received acknowledgements from St Dunstan’s Home for Blinded Soldiers for the sum of £60, from the Y.M.C.A. for £60, and the British Red Cross Society for £35, proceeds of the recent jumble sale etc.

1919 Jan 4th
Important new ration book values are announced. Butchers’ meat coupons from Monday last increase in value from fourpence to fivepence, whilst pork is not only coupon free, but the maximum price is also reduced by twopence a pound. Only mutton and beef are to remain on the coupon list. The concession of coupon free poultry, game, hares and rabbits during Christmas also became permanent from Monday last. While no decided improvement in the quality of bacon can yet be promised, it is expected that a limited quantity of Irish bacon will be available shortly, as well as some Danish bacon. The latter, however, will depend chiefly on shipping facilities, the existing bacon supplies being mostly from American sources.

1919 Jan 4th
CROWLE – Entertainment
The widows and children of sailors and soldiers residing in Crowle were entertained to a tea in the Market Hall on Friday last. They were each supplied with a substantial tea and sweets. In the evening an entertainment was given, to which the parents of the children, soldiers and land girl workers living in Crowle were invited. The programme consisted of a pianoforte solo, recitations, songs, a monologue, a duet, and a sketch, entitled, “The Witch Spell.” The Pierrots also entertained the company for about an hour. On leaving, each child was given an orange and a piece of cake. Thanks are do to all those who in any was helped to make the evening such a success.

1919 Jan 4th
John Thomas Brown, of Althorpe, applied for an ejectment order against William Atkinson, who refused to give up possession of a cottage. He held the cottage on a monthly tenancy, and had been in possession two or three years. In October, 1918, the tenant gave a month’s notice to quit, expiring on November 18th, but he had not yet given up possession. On December 18th, applicant served him with a notice of his intention to apply for an ejectment order. – William Teanby said he was present when the notice was served on the tenant’s wife. – The order was granted.

Harry Binns, of Luddington, was charged with riding a cycle without a light, at Eastoft, on December 24th. – Pc Conyard stated that the man had lamps on his machine, but they were not lighted. – A fine of 5/- was imposed.

Mary Burke, of Luddington, was charged with using obscene language, on December 24th. She did not appear, and asked for the case to be heard in her absence, and offering the excuse that it was Christmas time when she had committed the offence. – Pc Conyard said the woman was excited, and using bad language in the street – A fine of 7/6 was imposed, the Chairman stating that if she was again summoned, she must appear.

George Gawtry, of Amcotts, was charged with riding a cycle without a light, at 7 15p.m. on December 26th. – Pc Dawson stated that the defendant said he had not any lamps. – Fined 7/6.

Walter Smith, of Amcotts, was fined 7/6 for a like offence at the same time and place.

James Plumtree, of Epworth, was charged with being drunk, at Epworth, on Dec 26th. Adjourned for 14 days, owing to the defendant being absent through illness.

The case of James Lewer, of Haxey Station, charging John Thomas Stockdale, with an assault, was adjourned for six weeks owing to the serious illness of the defendant.

The charges against Samuel Heath, of Westwoodside, for not sending his children to school were withdrawn, and it was stated that the children had now been accepted at the Westwoodside schools.

The following persons were granted renewal of licences for the sale of explosives: A. Axe and Thomas Pearson, Belton; H. Moore and H. Barrass, Keadby; R. Dickens, Amcotts; A.J. Donald, Crowle; H. Wilson and H. Ross, Haxey; and Whitehead, Owston Ferry.

1919 Jan 4th
Having placed her children, Margaret, aged 3, and Doris May, aged 16 months, into bed on Friday night, Mrs M. Castor, the wife of a hoist driver, of Little Coates, went to call upon a neighbour, leaving a lighted candle on the dressing table in the children’s bedroom. When she returned home she was shocked to find both children downstairs on the rug in the kitchen, the younger child was badly burnt, with only charred fragments of its clothing hanging about its shoulders. Upstairs there was a trail of candle grease from the dressing table to the bed, and the bed-clothes were burnt. On the floor, still smouldering, were the fragments of Doris May’s night-clothes. The child Doris May was removed to the hospital, but died from shock the next day. At the inquest, on Monday, the coroner reprimanded the mother, and a verdict of “Accidental death” was returned.

1919 Jan 25th
Percy Colebrook, tinsmith of Grimsby, appeared in answer to a warrant for arrears under a maintenance order obtained by his wife, Edith Colebrook, of Crowle, on May 9th 1918, in which he was ordered to contribute £2 per week to herself and the five children. He paid the amount until three weeks ago. She claimed £4/5/0 – two weeks allowance and 5/- arrears on the previous week.

Defendant said he was unable to pay the money owing to a strike at Grimsby. He had started work again this week, and was willing to pay as soon as he was able to do so. He was living with another woman.

Ald. Blaydes: You do not deserve any consideration from anyone, and you will not get any. You are a disgrace to your sex.

Complainant said she had got into debt at the shops, since the allowance had stopped, and she went to work whenever she could. Defendant said he had earned 22/- for two days of nineteen hours.

The Bench ordered him to resume his payment of £2 per week as from next week, and also 10/- per week until the arrears were paid. They did not wish to send him to prison out of consideration for his wife and children …….

1919 Feb 1st
John Malia, of Luddington, was charged with using obscene language, at Luddington, on January 12th. Defendant wrote stating that he was condemning some persons who had shirked military duty, while he had done his bit. – Fined 10/-

Richard Wroot, of Crowle, was charged with riding a cycle without a light, at Crowle, on January 15th at 1am. – Pc Dawson said that he was riding a cycle from Mr Allen’s, and when he stopped him he said: “I have just come from Mr. Allen’s, and he said you would all be in bed.” – Fined 5/-.

Fred Wilson, of Crowle, was charged with not sending his child (12) to school. The mother said the child was working on the land and would be 13 in February. She admitted having received a letter from the Officer – a fine of 5/- was imposed, and the child ordered to attend school.

Horace Pilager, of Crowle, was charged with throwing fireworks on the highway, at Crowle, on January 18th ….. a fine of 2/6 was imposed.

1919 Apr 12th
Mr. Gibson, School Attendance Officer, asked for a committal order against Mary O’Brien, Fred Malia, Kate Dale, and Patrick Curry, all of Luddington, and all of whom had failed to pay fines imposed in August, 1918, for the irregular attendance of their children at school.

Matthew Wagstaff and Aaron Wall, of Haxey, were each fined 10/- for killing game without a game licence.

1919 Apr 26th
Ernest Fowler, of West Butterwick, was charged with failing to report a case of parasitic mange on February 24th. Defendant said he was not aware it was mange, or that he had to report it. – A fine of £1 was imposed.

Frank Ella, of Garthorpe, was ordered to contribute 4/6 per week towards the illegitimate child of Ada Robinson, of Luddington.

1919 May 24th
Richard Parkin, of Crowle, with charged with allowing two ponies to stray on the highway on Mill Road, Crowle, at 6.45pm on May 11th.Defendant said he left two boys to look after them, but they got playing. – Fined 5/-.

Ben Procter, of Crowle, was summonsed for employing his boy, 11 years of age. The lad had been summonsed to attend, but had failed to do so. Defendant said he had not brought the boy as it was too far to bring him on the one cycle ….. a fine of 5/- was imposed.

1919 June 7th
The following is the “tell-tale” of the Crowle Urban Council for the last year ….. Attendance of members at meetings:

Messrs D. Amery, 19; J.J. Cranidge, 18; H.C. Wressell, 18; W. Fillingham, 16; T.R. Smales, 16; E. Pidd, 15; R. Maw, 12; J.D. Foster, 11; W. Wainman, 10; W. Clarke, 8; J. Gibson, 7; T.J. Maw, 7.

1919 June 7th
William Hanson, of Crowle, was charged with allowing his dog to stray after hours on May 13th, at 10.45pm. – Pc Searson saw defendant, who stated that the dog must have got under the yard door, as they had previously fastened it. – Fined 7/6. The chairman said that the Bench wished it to be understood that dogs must be kept inside at night, especially so during this dangerous time of rabies. Charles William Simmons was charged with a similar offence ….. Fined 5/-.

Enoch Binks, of Westwoodside, was charged with cycling without lights at 11pm on May 24th ….. Fined 10/-.

1919 June 21st
Elizabeth Colebrook, of Crowle, was charged with assaulting Betsy Hill, of Crowle, on June 10th. – Elizabeth Hill, the mother, stated that on the day in question, the defendant’s boy shouted after her daughter, who then hit him. Mrs. Colebrook came out and “leathered” her daughter, Betsy Hill. Mrs. Hill went out, and the defendant got hold of her hair and pushed her back into the house. Mrs. Hill then picked up the fire tongs, but was unable to get at the defendant to strike her. – Defendant stated that she went to protect her boy, who was younger than Betsy Hill, and Mrs. Hill came out and bit her arm. – Mrs. Hill, in cross examination, admitted having bitten defendant’s arm after she had pulled her hair. – The girl, Betsy Hill, said the boy, Colebrook, called her “Big Betsy”. She gave him a push, and his mother then came out and thrashed her. The girl admitted that her mother went into Mrs. Colebrook’s yard and struck the boy with a prop. During the cross examination, the girl fainted and had to be carried out of court: – Mrs. Colebrook was further charged with assaulting Mrs. Hill. At this stage the Bench decided to dismiss both cases, and pointed out to Mrs. Hill that she had coached her daughter to come there and either tell lies or keep back the truth.

Anthony Webster, of Crowle, and Kate Dale, of Luddington, were charged with not sending their children to school ….. A fine of 5/- was imposed in each case ….. The Bench wished the parents to know that unless these children attended school with more regularity an application would be made to the Education Authorities to have the children taken from the parents, and properly educated.

1919 July 19th
The annual sports in connection with the feast were held at Amcotts on Monday last, and were very successful. The entries were well up to previous years, and there was a record “gate.” The judges were Messrs E. Robinson, S.M. Belton, and G.R. Stones, whose decisions gave the utmost satisfaction. Mr. Walter S. Chapman discharged the secretarial duties in his usual efficient manner, and Mr. T.J. Belton, senr., kindly lent his field for the occasion. The Scunthorpe Silver Subscription Band was in attendance.

100 Yards Handicap, open: 1 G. Pidd, 2 W. Spencer, 3 H. Robinson.
Mile Cycle Handicap, open: 1 ‘Lal’ White, 2 Woodward, 3 Oliver.
Musical Chairs on Cycles, open: 1 Woodward, 2 Oldridge.
120 Yards Handicap, open: 1 Butler, 2 Hobson, 3 H. Robinson.
Amcott’s ‘Glory’ Boys: 1 F. Walker, 2 E. Robinson, 3 C. Belton.
Mile Cycle Race, local: 1 A. Jackson, 2 J. Brown, 3 A. Prescott.
120 Yards Handicap, local: 1 J. Brown, 2 W. Silvester, 3 F. Walker.
Measuring Competition: 1 W. Moore, 2 J. Ella, 3 A. Parkinson.
Jockey Race, open: 1 Brown and Silvester.
Three Legged Race, open: 1 F. Walker and E. Walker.
Sack Race, open: 1 Coy, 2 Vause, 3 Bennett.
Six a side football contest, open: 1 Burringham, 2 Keadby.
School Boys Race, local: 1 F. Coy, 2 H. Robinson, 3 E. Vause, 4 H. Brown.

1919 July 19th
John Malia and Charles Malia, both of Luddington, were charged with being drunk and disorderly, at Luddington, on July 7th. Pc Conyard said the two men came outside to fight, and he and Mr. Fletcher got them in, but they came out again. There was a large crowd about. Both men had served in the army with good records, but had many previous convictions at this court ….. Fined 25/- and 6/- costs, and 10/- and 6/- costs.

1919 Aug 30th
Lilias Cook, of Owston Ferry, was charged with selling malt vinegar, not of the nature demanded, on July 7th … case dismissed on payment of costs 16/-.

Ada Belk, of Westwoodside, was charged with selling goods after hours, on August 2nd at 10pm. Pc Dawson said he saw five youths go up to a stall and buy some sweets and pay for them ….. A fine of 5/- was imposed.

1919 Sept 13th
James Sharp, of Crowle, was summonsed for non-attendance, his boy, aged 12, made 10 out of 39. The mother of the boy stated that the lad had gone away for ear treatment, and she reported this fact to Mr. Bryan. The lad was away on September 2nd, the day for which he was summonsed, and the case was therefore dismissed.

1919 Sept 27th
Palace-de-Luxe, Crowle – Saturday September 27th at 7 and 9, Marguerita Fisher, ‘The Flapper Queen’ in ‘Ann’s Finish,’ an extra good comedy drama of continuous merriment.

Don’t forget Monday, the 29th, Grand Dance in the Market Hall, Crowle, at 8pm. Come and see the beautiful “Ladbroke,” the Dance that took First Prize in London last season. Come in crowds. M.C.: Mr. L. Parkin. Admission 1/-.

As will be seen by advertisements in another column, Broncho Bill’s great Wild West Exhibition and Circus will visit Crowle on Thursday next, October 2nd. This show has a great reputation because of the originality and reality of its productions. The fact that it has to do with life “out west” gives it a fascination, which can rarely be exceeded by other entertainments. The seating accommodation is for 5000.

1919 Nov 8th
William Hicks, of Crowle, was charged with failing to keep on the left or near side of the road when cycling on Wharf Road. Inspector Crowson met the man, and he was fined 10/-

Olive Walton, of Crowle, was charged with stealing a purse and £4/14/-, the goods and moneys of Ann E Oliver, at Crowle, on October 25th …