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1897 Jan 2nd
This annual occurrence took place on Christmas Eve, and was held in the Assembly Rooms. An excellent tea was placed on the tables by Mrs Clark, and full justice was done to it by the 90 guests who gathered around the festive board. The waiters who attended on the wants of the company were Mrs Taylor, Mrs Lockwood, Mrs Bartle, Mrs Couch, Mrs Isle, Mrs Bassindale, Miss Stainforth, and Miss Clark. Over a score of old folk, including the old roadmen, feasted themselves and had a good time, through the kindness of Mr Jos. Franks. About 7.30 the dance commenced, Messrs Holt and Clarke providing the music. Over 40 couples entertained with spirit into the popular pastime, and the proceedings were of a most jovial nature.

1897 Jan 30th
There have been around Crowle several immersions while skating during the frost; but fortunately with no serious results. Messrs Robt. Hall and C Fox junr., had a severe ducking in the Old Moor drain on Wednesday; and Messrs Jos. Cook, H Eyre, and C B Fish were skating together just below Pilfrey, on the Double Rivers, when Mr Cook suddenly fell through the ice in the middle of the river. It is very deep here, but assistance being at hand, and promptly rendered, Mr Cook was luckily rescued.

1897 Jan 30th
The streets of Crowle have become dangerous to pedestrians, and especially to the aged, by reason of the wanton habit of throwing orange peel everywhere upon the pavements, and by the practice of sliding thereon. Is our Urban Council dead, or are they out on holiday. Surely one of these must be the case, or this crying evil would not be allowed to continue.

1897 Feb 6th
The naming, &c., of our streets was a good suggestion, Councillor Amery. Forge ahead with it, and let’s have the idea carried into effect.

1897 Feb 13th
Charles Janney, shoemaker, of Crowle, for using obscene language, at Crowle, on 2nd February, was fined 5/- and costs 4/6. Inspector Camm proved the case.

1897 Feb 20th
COWARDLY ASSAULT AT LUDDINGTON On Wednesday evening last, two men named “Sonny” Dolan and Thomas Malia, both of Luddington, made a cowardly attack upon Mr Mullis, landlord of the Bell Hotel, who refused to supply the men with liquor on his premises. They then used fowl language, and attacked Mr Mullis, getting him outside the Hotel and throwing him down and kicking him unmercifully on the head and body. Mullis sustained a badly broken leg, a broken thumb, and had his eye completely mashed. The doctor was at once summoned from Garthorpe, and Dr Renton was also fetched from Crowle, and the injured man’s wounds dressed and the broken limb set. The police were also communicated with by telephone, and the Crowle officers at once proceeded to Luddington, and took the offenders into custody. Dolan and Malia made light of their brutal conduct; but as Mullis is in a precarious condition, the case may prove a serious one for them. It is a dastardly affair, and no doubt the prisoners will receive the extreme penalty of the law. They were brought before Mr J Ross, J.P., on Thursday, and were remanded to Epworth.

1897 Mar 20th
CROWLE POLICE NEWS (before Mr. J. Ross) How the ratepayers are imposed upon.
On Monday, Ton Conry, actor, Boston; W Simpson, collier, Burnley; and R.B. Boddy, of Nilston, were charged with begging at Crowle. They were apprehended on the Saturday by Inspector Camm and Pc Tuffs, and on being searched at the Police Station, 1s.10d. was found on Conry, and Boddy had 2s.7d., a bread loaf, sugar, and tea. These men had, previous to being apprehended, obtained tickets from the Overseers for a night’s lodging. Committed for seven days each, with hard labour.

1897 July 10th
LINCOLSHIRE ASSIZES. A Stolen Letter that led to a Divorce.
Alice Teal, aged 21, domestic servant, was charged with stealing a post-letter, at Haxey, on the 25th of September. Mr. Buzzard, Q.C., said on the 25th September, Mrs Slater, who resided with her husband at Graiselound, Haxey, wrote a letter to a gentleman named Jackson, and addressed to him at 27 Silver street, Gainsborough, and posted it in a pillar-box. It was certainly not a proper letter for a married lady to write, and no doubt there was a greater offender behind the girl. When the mail-cart driver arrived, the prisoner was standing at the box, and she told him she had posted the letter and wanted it back. He foolishly let her take it, and the consequence was that Mr Slater succeeded in getting a divorce. – The defence was that the girl had no felonious intention. – The jury returned a verdict of “Not Guilty,” a decision which was loudly applauded.

1897 Aug 12th
Mr. Oxenforth, an ardent young cyclist, started for London on his wheel from Crowle on Saturday morning last, and had a splendid run. Mr. Oxenforth, who is a very strong rider, with plenty of speed, did the journey in excellent time, averaging 12 miles per hour throughout. The return journey was completed in quick time, Mr. Oxenforth, we hear, not having to trouble the railway authorities to any great extent.

1897 Aug 28th
On Sunday morning last a well-known and respected resident of Crowle passed away in the person of Mrs. M. Spriggs, at the age of 78. During her residence in Crowle, Mrs. Spriggs found many friends and well wishers, and it is with regret they lose sight of one of the good homely souls such as she was. During her short illness, many kindnesses were shown her, and good friends were not wanting. The sons of the deceased (Messrs. James, Richard, Thomas, William, and Charles Spriggs) desire to express their heartfelt thanks to all the kindhearted friends who so practically and generously showed the respect and goodwill which existed towards their mother. The interment took place on the 24th August.

1897 Sept 4th
The above sports took place on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday last, when there were open sailing boat races, keel boat races, sculling race (blindfold), greasy pole walking over water, duck hunt, punt hunt, race for the Owston Ferry Challenge Cup ( 2nd and 3rd prizes given by Mr J H Blackburn, Crowle), keel boat race for Ferry boats only, rowing motion for keel boats, &c. Mr J H Blackburn (Crowle), was the referee, Mr Rd Todd (treasurer), and Mr C P Stephenson (secretary). There was a display of fireworks on the river on Tuesday evening.