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March 4, 2012

House History – Oswald House, Church Street

    1738 Manorial Surveys The green/blue coloured section shows the bequest by Richard Clark in 1721. At foundation the scholars were 32. The master was paid £32 plus an allowance for coals. Later scholars were increased to 50, masters’s salary also £50. Later the schoolroom fell down and the church vestry was used. Mr. Thomas Hodgson was the school master. Oswald House Plot extends all […]

January 14, 2012


Windsor is a small hamlet within Crowle, just off Windsor Lane. It is the derivation for the names of Windsor Road, Windsor Crescent and Windsor Lane itself. Before the construction of the houses on Windsor Road it was quite a distinct settlement from Crowle itself.   The small hamlet of Windsor is within the plot of land numbered 219 in the 1822 Enclosures Act Award […]

January 1, 1970

George Stovin & Justice Hall Lane

According t the following article, Justice Hall was built in 1728 by George Stovin – the antiquary and was so named because he was a magistrate – this has nothing to do with the Manor of Crowle. A search of possible sources provides an answer in “Lincolnshire notes and queries, Volume 4” published in 1896. This is available on-line at Page 89/90 Lincolnshire Notes & Queries. […]

January 1, 1970

The Robinson Family and Tetley Hall

The Robinsons The earliest record of the Robinsons is in the Census of 1841 when John Robinson, a coal merchant born in Epworth in about 1776, was living with his wife Elizabeth (born in about 1780) at Crowle Wharf. The household also included John’s son George born in Hatfield in about 1810 and his wife, Hannah Whittaker born in Selby two years later. George and […]

January 1, 1970

Snowdrop Villa, Wharf Road.

Snowdrop Villa, Wharf Road – Bill Goldthorp   Old Ordnance Survey Map overlaid over current aerial view. A. Snowdrop Villa. B. Fold yard and farm buildings. C. Stack Yard. This farm and much of its land disappeared under a housing development sometime in the 1980s. It was opposite numbers 44 and 46 Avondale, Wharf Road, the latter being a large double fronted semidetached that my […]

January 1, 1970

HIrst Priory and School – 1949-1952

Hello. I lived at Hirst Priory from 1949 to 1952. My father was the chauffeur my mother the housekeeper to the Stubley family who lived there. We moved to Crowle with them when they left Wakefield. They had a daughter, known to me as Miss Bobby. I do not know just how old she was. As a 6 year old everyone was ancient! I attended […]

January 1, 1970

Peat Moss Villas

On the deposited plans, dated 1865 and 1866 for two un-built railways Peat Moss Villas are described as being under construction in 1865 and partly occupied in 1866. Peat Moss Villas are mentioned in both the 1891 and 1901 Census. – details attached. The row of cottages is marked on the 1885 OS Map but on the 1907 Map they are much reduced in size. […]